Stop The Press

Stop The Press: First Of The Jersey Bennes Ready For Digging!

Clif Fyers of Fyers Gardens phoned me on Monday morning announcing gleefully that he will have the very first of his JERSEY BENNES ready for the Hamilton Market this coming Sunday 27th Oct. There won’t be a huge amount however, so you’d better get in there at the crack of dawn if you fancy some freshly dug Jersey B’s steamed lightly and tossed in butter and little mint.

Yes White Asparagus

To go with those darling waxy spuds, how about some fresh gurnard (from Raglan Fish) in a panko crumb served with a bunch of pan fried white, yes white, asparagus. Apparently it has a unique flavour quite different from its chlorophylled brothers. Restaurant chefs go mad for it but you can buy it for just a little more than the usual kind from Irene at Green Ferns. Serve them on a dark coloured plate to get the full benefit of their awesomeness. A side of Oyster Mushrooms (Prinz Mushrooms) tossed in butter and coriander (The Lettuce Man) would top off this restaurant quality nosh up.

A Delicious Dessert

And as a delicious dessert, you can’t go past fresh strawberries (Kane’s and the Big Berry) piled up on homemade shortbread (Celtic Cuisine) and topped with blueberry yoghurt icecream (Monovale).

More Ideas From Farmgate To Your Plate

Here are more produce recipe ideas from the Farmgate to Your Plate:
Starter - Carrot and Watercress soup (Southern Fresh and the Lettuce Man) with crunchy sourdough bread (Volare).
Main - Lamb, tomato and mushroom kebabs (Wholly Cow and Lamb, Plainsview Nurseries and Prinz mushrooms) with a healthy mixed salad with cress, kale, spinach and romaine lettuce (from guess who? yes the Lettuce Man). And some Microgreens and tomatoes from Plainsview dressed with a fabulous Koroneiki Olive oil (Living Gold Olive Oils) and a squeeze of fresh lemon.
Dessert – Tiramisu - the coffee/chocolate Italian trifle (from Roberto’s Kitchen.)
Cheese – Chevre Cream cheese ( from Cilantro) served on Scottish Oatcakes (Celtic Cuisine).
Wine – Organic Waikato Viognier from Lane’s End.

I Could Get Carried Away!

I could get carried away now – How about a fusion of Thai Fish Cakes made with Blue Cod and Kumara (Rakaia Salmon) with spicy stirfried root vegetables (Southern Fresh) and handmade pasta (Roberto’s Kitchen).

Whatever you do with the goodies you pick up at the Farmers’ Market you just know that the flavour and freshness will always be absolutely top notch and as always your support keeps up to 60 small businesses afloat and strengthens the local economy.

Paul The Compost Man

New arrival at the market – Paul the Compost Man a.k.a Top Soil and Sand Supplies, is at the market for a few months during the growing season and while you obviously can’t actually eat the compost, you can eat what the compost feeds and that is your own lovely summer vegetables which you should be getting in now. Check out Paul’s handy bags of his own recipe blended compost. He’s a neighbour of mine so I know exactly how he does it and boy, does it requires a lot of machinery and labour. Paul is our newest stallholder so rock on up and grab a great value bag of his growing gold medium or get him to deliver a truck load to your place.

The Seedling Story

Jen’s Plants and Mike Roach have vegetable seedlings and even Trevor Turley’s wife has planted up a range of vegetable seedlings for the market. We are trying desperately to fill the gap left by the lovely Denise and Ian from Organic Herbs and Seedlings. They are sorely missed. Watch out for the new HerbPlus stall which will be specialising in a variety of Herbs and Heritage seedlings– They are busy urging on their tiny seedlings as we speak!

Krakn Chocs & Fudge

Krakn Chocolates and Fudge are doing well. There always seems to be a lot of young people hanging around Kay’s stall trying out the tasters. Hopefully she sells a bag or two of her lovely and reasonably priced fudge and other sweet treats to indulgent parents and to others who feel they need a little lift.

Bangin Bangaz Tries Out New Combinations

I finally pinned down Damian Lilly of Bangin Bangaz and got some more low down on his Posh Hot Dog operation. Everyone calls him Lil so you should too As he simply doesn’t answer to ‘Damian’! Lil and his wife Katie are busy tweaking the combos of his fantastic hot dogs at the moment. His point of difference is that most of his food is sourced at the market. So he has Volare Buns, Soggy Bottom Sausages, Ian Kerr’s Lettuce and he has just signed a deal to use Cilantro’s Haloumi in a vegetarian dog. As soon as the summer vegetable growers are back he will use their tomatoes and capsicums in his dogs. He makes his own Harissa and Remoulade and if you don’t know what either of them are, just ask him and he will be happy to share.

Ever since Lil has taken up residence at the end of the second row of the Market, things have taken off down there. A few tables, some music and the place is humming. Get your coffee and wander down towards the smart blue and black trailer and soak up the atmosphere.

Strawberrry Recipies Wanted

I am looking for ideas for groovy things to cook which involve fresh strawberries. If you have a clever or unusual strawberry recipe e-mail it to me at meg.daly@xtra.co.nz.

A prize of a $50 market voucher will get given out to the winner or winners so don’t be shy. We will publish the winning recipe/s on our blog and maybe in the next newsletter. Fame is just around the corner Woohoo.


Get down to the market this Labour Weekend and celebrate the beginning of the Golden Weather. Bring your visitors and show off what the Tron has to offer on a Sunday morning! See you there…

Meg Daly
Celtic Cuisine