Hamilton Farmers' Market At Mill St Field This Sunday

Round The Bridges Means Change Of Venue For 17th November

This week the Hamilton Farmer’s market is going to be held on the Mill Street Field in front of Waikato Stadium due to the Around the Bridges Fun Run, just for the morning of the 17th November. Over the past few years we have weathered the Around the Bridges but it has meant that there is a complete standstill at the market for at least an hour where no-one can enter and no-one can leave so it is difficult for customers. This year our market manager Amanda is right on to it, she intends to replicate the layout of the usual Sonning Street market as closely as possible so it will be like an out of body experience – the same, yet different.

A Change Is As Good As A Rest

You may have noticed a few changes in the positions of the stalls at the Hamilton and Cambridge Markets recently. This was brought about as the result of the power cable reel making a bid for freedom out of the back of the Market Trailer one Saturday morning. This cable, which was 120 metres long, connected the stalls that needed power to the heavy duty municipal power box. Despite searching 15 kilometres of roadside, making appeals to the local radio stations and alerting the police, the power cable has never been located so shorter cables have been deployed requiring the power hungry stalls to shift closer to the power box. If you know anything about this please contact Amanda.

Happily those who have been moved have enjoyed new exposure and a change of viewpoint and, interestingly, have attracted a whole new range of customers who, perhaps through force of habit, have never noticed them before in their old possies. So apologies to those customers who have been confused but it is all part of a cunning plan to keep you all alert and on your toes.

Only Six Weeks Until Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching and the decorations and the trees are up in the super-malls. Being of the more rustic persuasion, the Farmers’ Market will probably festoon the place more naturally with a few sprigs of pohutakawa and ivy and some quaint homemade bunting. There should be a law saying cheapo tinsel and plastic tat will be banned at any Farmers’ Market worth its salt! Despite lack of glam and glitter, the market will be doing its best to produce outstanding food for your Christmas season.

Jono Hams It Up

Soggy Bottom Holdings produce free range pork and Jono Walker smokes the famous SB Christmas hams himself in an extraordinary smoking contraption on his farm. These naturally cured hams are very popular at Christmas. It’s a good idea to order well in advance. Jono will deliver to your home closer to Christmas if required. Jono and his favourite chef Carolyn (ex The Deli in Cambridge) will also be cooking up genuine steamed English Plum Puddings incorporating Jono’s free range lard, eggs from his chooks and apples from his orchard. Both Jono and Carolyn are ex pat Brits so you can be assured that the hams and pies and puds they turn out will be as authentic as you can find anywhere in the Waikato.

Berry Christmas To You

Strawberries are in good supply from Kane’s and the Big Berry, and just returned to the market- The Strawberry Farm. Kane’s and the Big Berry don’t take orders but they will have plenty of fruit closer to Christmas.

Pav & Sponges

Of course free range eggs are essential for the perfect pavlova and for the perfect sponge for the trifle. Scotty Mike (the Hugging Machine) and Trevor Turvey are your men for the eggs. They have a range of sizes available and can assist with making the right choice for your requirements.

Preserve Your Sanity

Handmade preserves make excellent gifts and Granny Dunn and Mel’s Preserves have plenty of special treats for the more ‘difficult’ people to buy for. How about Preserved Lemons or Pickled Walnuts from Mel’s or Raspberry Jam with Cointreau from Granny Dunn. Spend a few minutes looking through the magnificent array of preserves and pickles. There will be something for every taste.

South Pacific GF Christmas Cakes???

Celtic Cuisine will be doing their, by now, pretty famous gluten free South Pacific Christmas Cakes again this year. The fruit has been macerating in alcohol for weeks now and will soon be turned into glistening slabs of moist fruit cake with an Antipodean twist. As well as the traditional sultanas and raisons, the South Pacific cake has macadamias, apricots, mango, papaya and pineapple and a generous slosh of rum instead of whiskey – oh yeah.


Christmas Shortbread all dolled up with a nice rustic homemade Christmas label will be on offer too. This is the ideal little gift for the neighbour who rescued your cat or the community police officer who helped you out when you lost your keys or even as a $5 Kris Kringel at the office

Fish & Meat

No Christmas feast would be complete without a smidgeon of smoked salmon or some caramelized scallops. Raglan Fish, Rakaia Salmon and the Salmon Man can help you out there and if you would rather a leg of lamb or some steaks for the barbie, you can’t go past Wholly Cow and Lamb for naturally raised meat that is straight from the farmer to you.

Woofers Need Love Too

Don’t forget your loyal pet who deserves a special treat from Woofa’s Doggone Dog and Cat treats.

Feasts Available

In fact your entire Christmas feast as well as the mini feasts leading up to Christmas and the holiday feasts following it, can all be catered for by your local hardworking growers, farmers, fishermen, bakers, preservers, smokers and picklers who trade at the markets.

Whose Our Favourite Loo'ser?

And finally just a little shout out to Amanda Ratuki, our redoubtable site manager who has to deal gracefully and tactfully with all the problems that arise at our markets. Last week her grace and tact were stretched to their limit by a customer who had lost her keys down the Portaloo. Oh yes, it happened. Despite Amanda’s best efforts to trawl the bluey depths, it was Trevor Turvey who finally fished the keys out. If ever anyone deserved the title ‘Dunny Queen’ it has got to be Amanda and Trevor must be the Fisher King.

See you at the markets and be sure to keep your keys safe about your person especially when using the facilities!

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