Happy Christmas To Our Valued Customers!

Happy Christmas To All Our Valued Customers (And Their Dogs)

The Sunday morning market is not just a social outing for humans. Oh no, the Pooch Park is the place to be if you are a dog with any social standing. Above we have Fifi, Lockie, Quinn and Rex hanging out at the Pooch Park sniffing the, ahem, breeze and baying at the moon, well sun. There is a bit of a cacophony to start with as their ‘person’ disappears into the market, swiftly followed by resignation and the taking up of a “lookout” pose awaiting the return of said person. One doggie owner was sneaking past my stall last week, trying to get back to her car to deposit her first load of shopping without being spotted by her Charlie as she needed to go back into the market again – fat chance. The look of disappointment on Charlie’s face when she ignored him was priceless!

Sustainably Caught

As you can see by the number of crossed out fishy names, you do have to get in reasonably early to get the fish of your choice from the amazing Raglan Fish stall. Straight from the trawler to you - John Dory, Monk Fish, Trevally, Teraki, Gurnard and Lemon Fish and sometimes if you get in very early in the morning you might be lucky to snaffle some King Fish. Sustainably caught just off our own Waikato west coast – Raglan Fish is the epitome of freshness and taste.

Best Olive Oil In NZ?

The quality of the oil produced by Wayne and Phyllis is so high that many olive oil enthusiasts have declared it the ‘Best Olive Oil in New Zealand’. I asked Wayne if he had ever entered any of the official NZ Olive Oil competitions but he says that there is a minimum amount of production required and because he only has a tiny holding in comparison to some of the bigger olive growers he doesn’t qualify to enter. So you must judge for yourself and taste the jump-out-at-you flavour of grass, fruit with a little hot ending bite of the Koroneiko oil.
Wayne tells me that as a result of a customer from Australia reading this very blog, he got a direct order to send a batch to the Lucky Country! If that customer is reading this now, thank you for supporting Wayne in his little venture and spreading the good word a little wider.

Te A Rocks (And Swings And Hip Hops)

Here are photos of the finest Te Awamutu can offer – free entertainment and the best public garden of roses in the country! Also Te Awamutu also has a lovely little mid week Farmers’ Market. Held during the summer on Thursdays from 2.30ish to 6.00. There are only 15 or 16 stalls but all the basics are there: Vegetables from Catos and Pirongia Harvest. Meat from Soggy Bottom. Smoked salmon from Shelley at Rakaia Salmon. Eggs from Trevor at Excellent Eggs. Strawberries from Kanes and Big Berry. Organic blueberries from Monovale. Fresh fruit icecreams from Big Berry and Monovale. Bread from Bella Pane. Homemade cakes and biscuits from Celtic Cuisine. Herbs from Herbsplus and sometimes Mel’s preserves and Jen’s Plants join us too. Don’t forget the Beach Hutt for a quick snack or easy and healthy evening meal – their fish and salad wrap is delicious.

Big Garlic Is Back!

Richard Cato now has fully grown garlic on offer once again. It is fresh and the flavour is lighter and less intense than the dried variety but take home a handful and hang them to dry further and they will last you for ages. Marvellous value and grown locally. The wonderful flavour (and complete absence of Chinese preservation chemicals and irradiation) will be obvious to any discerning garlic aficionado.

"Amazeballs Macs"

If you are keen on organic food, Chris at Mac’s Snacks Macadamias will keep you happy. You can buy shucked macs or if you are really keen, the in-shell variety. I like macadamias so much that I can only buy them in the shell so that it is an effort to eat them as I have to go down to the barn and put them in a vice to crack them open. That way a $12 will last me for at least 2 weeks. Try his hand made chocolate bars too – decadent but somehow okay, as they are organic.

Authentic Celtic

Shop assistant Tegan looks the Celtic part with her lovely auburn hair and lightly freckled complexion and she does have Scottish ancestry but when she opens her mouth, pure kiwi comes out. For authentic Irishness just talk to Meg and try some Irish Soda bread or Scottish Tattie Scones for good measure.

Christmas Eve Market

On Dec 24th at Victoria Square on the corner of Alpha and Victoria StreetsCambridge we are having a Christmas Eve market between 1pm-4pm.

This will be the produce stallholders only, unless the added value stallholders have access to a generator.

So you can serve fresh Waikato produce at you Christmas celebration!

Happy Holidays

The markets will continue as usual over the holidays but they are likely to be a bit skinnier than usual until mid January. Only Te Awamutu on Boxing Day (26th Dec) will be cancelled.

This blogger is going on holidays for a couple of weeks so on behalf of all the market stallholders, the market manager and the administration staff have a wonderful break from all the madness and enjoy the nice weather.

See you at the markets!