Fresh Local Summer Produce

Mountains Of Produce

This week the primary producers of fruit and vegetables are proud to present the public with truckloads of everything….mountains of fresh sweetcorn, piles of watermelons, heaps of courgettes, thousands of capsicums, loads of tomatoes, millions of blueberries, masses of egg plants, hundreds of herbs and oodles of microgreens, bags of potatoes and garlic and special mention to an awful lot of apples.

Gloating Over The Deliciousness!

It is a great pleasure to fill your bags with such great fresh produce. Customers talk about buying up the weekly fruit, veg, meat, fish and bread on a Saturday or Sunday morning, then going home and unpacking their purchases and just gloating over the deliciousness of it all. All this effort is rewarded with a sit down with the weekend newspaper, cup of freshly ground organic coffee from Essenza and a cronut from Mavis and Co.

What's A Cronut?

I learnt a thing or two last week. A cronut is, as its name suggests, a cross between a croissant and a donut. Jane, owner extraordinaire of the wonderful Mavis and Co, was in New York recently where she discovered that the Cronut is the unique pastry creation by Chef Dominique Ansel. It has become the most talked about new dessert creation world wide since it was introduced in May 2013. The lines outside the Ansel bakery in NY begin at 7am and you often have to wait 2 to 3 hours to get a genuine Cronut and there are only 2 allowed per person! While Jane’s Cronuts are her own variation and not the genuine trade marked Ansel variety, you can be assured that if you get in to the Hamilton Market by 8.00 you will get your sticky hands on a white chocolate and vanilla cream New Zealand inspired cronut but it looks like supply is limited so perhaps a sleeping bag and a flask to ensure first in queue might be required.

Lots Of Naughty Sticky Things!

There are lots of other naughty sticky things to cheer you up now that the summer holidays are over and school’s back. Almond croissants are always popular from Volare and gluten free chocolate brownies from Te Pataka are a hit with the GF crowd. Organic blueberry waffles from Monovale Blueberries are a huge hit. Celtic Cuisine has started baking Dundee Cakes and you can now get freshly buttered slices of date and walnut loaf from Meg to have with your cuppa. Bella Pane has some GF donuts and other tasty treats.
By the way I must correct an earlier post and assure everyone that now Mike of Bella Pane has a dedicated gluten free kitchen where he prepares and bakes his special GF products. Mike also tells me that he has recently employed a baker with 30 years experience so watch his stall for new baked goods that might be of interest to you.

From Strawberries To Maori Potatoes

We are probably saying goodbye to strawberries now. Riria and Bill from the Big Berry have had a great season and they will continue to attend the markets with their real raspberry and strawberry icecream cart and Riria usually has an interesting range of home grown Maori Potatoes and other vegetables for sale.

Roy Is Back

Roy from The Front Gate is back with his home grown produce. Roy specialises in passionfruit, grapes, gooseberries and feijoas as well as a variety of other fruit and vegetables, depending on the time of year.

Mike's Divine Fruits

And finally we welcome back yet another Mike, (we have 3 Mikes who are stallholders so it gets confusing.). This one is Mike Rose of Divine Fruits with his new season’s apples. Royal Gala starts the ball rolling with other later varieties such as Pink Lady, Newstead Gold and Granny Smiths coming in later. Much as I love strawberries and other soft fruits, I really enjoy a quality crisp and juicy New Zealand grown apple.

Dads Chariot

Here is a photo of a young lady who hitched a handy lift on her Dad’s chariot at the market last week.

Water Melons Coming Out Clif's Ears

Cliff phoned me to make sure I included a plug for his scallopini courgettes. He has planted far too many and they are producing a ridiculous amount so he is selling of crammed bags of them for a very good price. He says that he has watermelons coming out of his ears and needs to shift them asap and as for egg plants – there will be specials, mark my word!

If you miss out on coming to the market, send a friend on your behalf. There is far too much good stuff available right now to miss out on.

Catch you at the markets and remember to like us on Facebook!