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Crammed Into A Wedding Dress!

The high jinks some young fellas get up to when one of their own is about to embark on a sensible married life… This husband-to-be was crammed into a wedding dress by his so called stag mates, and dared to join in the cricket at Cambridge a few Saturdays ago. While he was tolerated on field for a few minutes by the more serious team members, given the occasion that was in it, it was clear that his ability to catch and score points was severely impeded by the length of his dress. Amanda, the market manager was fairly certain there would be a nudie streak but the dress stayed firmly in place, giving market goers a bit of a laugh which was suitable for all the family….

Tootie Frootie

The summer fruit departs and the autumn bounty is ushered in. Heather and Grant Kane have a good supply of a variety of melons including the rarer yellow fleshed watermelons. A combination of slices of the more usual red watermelon and the yellow variety look stunning when garnished with fresh mint and arranged on a white platter as a refreshing summer dessert.
And the first of the Nashis are here also at Kane’s. There are several varieties of Nashis which span the season. Store in the fridge for a perfect cool down snack or even as a fruit juice alternative. Lower GI than straight fruit juice and more satisfying too.

Passionfruit Are Gearing Up

Passionfruit are gearing up too with the first few kilos on sale at Hamilton market last Sunday. Roy from The Front Gate and Meg from HerbsPlus both grow spray free Passionfruit. Cheap too compared to what you would pay in the shops.

The faithful New Zealand Apple

And finally the dowager empress of the autumn fruit – the faithful New Zealand grown apple and in our case, the even closer to home, Waikato grown apple. Apples are freshly harvested the day before sale and rushed to the market without needing to be chilled and therefore preserving top nutrients and flavour. Jack’s Orchard and Mike Rose from Divine Fruits have this season’s best apples right now. We are expecting grapes and raspberries too so keep an eye out for them.

Queue For Blue

Look at the above pic of the queue for Raglan Fish last Sunday at the Hamilton market. That chalkboard announcing Fresh Blue Cod did it. One lady I talked to said she had queued already but was back for a second helping as her mother had caught sight of her fresh fishy purchase and decided she wanted some too! What a good daughter.

It’s difficult keeping fish cool in this hot weather. I left my $10 pack of gurnard on the hot back seat of my van for two days. Ooops what a pong and what a sad waste of gorgeous fish! However it did end up in my liquid manure drum where, once dissolved with all the other organic matter, it will add vital nutrients to my garden soil so all is not lost.

Boneless Fresh Salmon

Another great fish buy is whole sides of fresh (i.e. not smoked) salmon, de-pinboned and now available from Shelley or her Mum and Dad at Rakaia Salmon. Dot with garlic butter and any herbs of your choice, seal in tin foil and bake for about 20 minutes. Serve hot or cold with new season’s waxy potatoes such as Pink Fir Apples from Richard Cato and a selection of steamed green and purple beans available from at least 4 stallholders right now. That along with some grilled tomatoes topped with fresh basil and garlic and you have a quick and easy summer feast.

Cold Smoked Delicacies

And yet another fantastic Salmon delicacy is Cold Smoked Salmon from Ron the Salmonman. He served up tasters of this really special gastronomic experience on thin slices of Czech Rohliky from Celtic Cuisine last Saturday at Cambridge. The combination of the carraway seed flavour in the Czech bread rolls and the smokiness and texture of the cold smoked salmon was stunning.

If the budget doesn’t run to a side of Salmon, try out Salmon Pate available from both Salmon sellers for just $5. Just a little spread on a quality cracker or bagel often meets the craving most satisfactorily.

Sweetpoint Capsicums From Southern Belle

I suspect every regular market customer has tried out this special capsicum at some stage and been blown away by the flavour and level of sweetness. I realised some time ago (Frans de Jong from Southern Bell must have enlightened me) that a red capsicum is simply a ripe green capsicum, I have usually been drawn to the cheerful thick walled red variety but when I tried the Sweetpoint which look like enormous red chillies, my tastebuds were transported to another level of deleriousness. If you are a new customer or just browsing give the Sweetpoint tasters a shot. Whole capsicums can be eaten raw as they are as delicious as any fresh apple.

The Avo Lady

Colleen Topham is the lady for the Avocados. She knows everything there is to know about how to ripen them, how to best cut them, how to store them and how the urban myth of keeping the stone in to prevent browning is just that – a myth. She has handy little info leaflets and an example of the plastic avo keeper which she says is the best she has come across for keeping that unused half avo from turning a pesky brown. She doesn't sell these keepers but will tell you where to buy them.

And goodness I haven’t even begun to talk about tomatoes, egg plants, beans, lettuce, herbs, seedlings, potatoes, micro-greens, cucumbers and courgettes. So much food, so little blog space!

Food & Entertainment

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