A Dash Of The Exotic

Artisan Cheese Wins Medals

Cilantro’s part owners Monica and her husband Marco bring a dash of the exotic to Hamilton and Cambridge Markets. Originally from Brazil, this couple have lived all over the world but are now proud to call Hamilton their home. Monica is a scientist who had dabbled in cheese making as a hobby but when the threat of redundancy loomed she partnered up with a work buddy Jenny, to start Cilantro – an artisan goat and sheep cheese company making small amounts of both hard and cream cheese specifically for the Cambridge and Hamilton Markets.
In their first year of operation they won a Gold Medal at the National Cheese Awards which is good going. This cheese is relatively expensive when compared to mass produced supermarket Chedder for example, but when eaten in small amounts and properly savoured, the taste and texture is worth the premium price. Goat or Sheep ricotta with fig or quince paste spread on Scottish Oatcakes is a recipe for heaven.

Avo's Keep Coming!

Many customers grab a bag of first class avos as part of their regular shop each week from Colleen at Avoglade Orchards and many more should do just that. For me Colleen’s lovely Hass Avocados are best eaten when just ripe when they still have a certain firmness and that bright colour that looks great when the fruit is quartered, sliced in a fan and doused in lemon juice. Of course that is probably a matter of opinion. There are those who prefer their avos spreadable and guacomole-able and that is fine too. These days Avos are the in thing for smoothies, the base of vegan cheese cakes and even for moisturizing your legs! Whatever your preference, you won’t get better value or quality than straight from the Avoglade Orchard at both Cambridge and Hamilton markets.

Scottish Heritage At Celtic Cuisine

I just had to put up this great photo of the auburn haired and be-freckled sisters Sharn and Teegan Perry from Celtic Cuisine. They do have Scottish Heritage but they don’t know much about it as their great grandmother was brought up in a Scottish orphanage and she escaped to a new life in New Zealand in the 1920s when she was only 18. She apparently never talked about her upbringing in Scotland so there are no clues to follow up. Such mysteries are captured in our past never to be unfolded but the Celtic genes remain long into the future.

Finest Selection

Here to tempt your taste buds is a selection of the finest Mavis and Co has to offer on a Sunday morning. Conveniently situated right beside the Coffee Cart you might just be enticed to try their pecan swirls and breakfast brioches, mini donuts and fudge. Yum.

Aubergines, melons, raspberries, apples, passionfruit, grapes, tomatoes, beans, gourmet potatoes, carrots,
beets, lettuce, avocados and Sweetcorn all still abound at the markets – Sweet as - literally!