A Big Thank-you

For those of you who, last weekend, ignored the dire warnings about the impending cyclone “Lusi” and came out to support the brave handful of stallholders who turned up at Cambridge market - a big THANK YOU!
We were ready for the worst but, well, it turned out to be a bit of a fizzer didn’t it? There was a reasonably healthy turnout of stalwart customers before the warm rain and whipping wind became uncomfortable towards 11.30 so we got to pack up and go home early. The market has only been cancelled twice in the 7 years it has been running due to extreme weather warnings. Normally we are there hail, rain or shine and thankfully so are our wonderful loyal customers.

Nourish Magazine & Pumpkins

Our friends at the locally produced Nourish magazine have done a sterling job with their beautiful Autumn issue. Pick up a copy for free at the Information Tent at any of the Farmers’ Markets in Te Awamutu. Cambridge and Hamilton. This edition is full of the food celebration photos and there are lovely recipes for pumpkin and date loaf, pumpkin hummus and pumpkin savory tart amongst others. With fresh pumpkins now coming into the market and probably your own gardens now is the time to experiment with this underrated and great value for money vegetable.

Chestnuts Are Here!

is such a Autumny thing to stamp gently (can you do that?) on the prickly cases of fallen French Chestnuts releasing the glorious shiney brown nuts from within. Now I know why so many shiney brown horses are also called Chestnut. If you don’t have the inclination to collect them yourself, come along to the Hamilton Market and pick up a bag of these beauties. They are lower in fat than your average nut, higher in protein and full of vitamins and minerals. They are lovely in casserole but I really like them roasted and served with salt and butter. Make sure you score them with a cross over the pointy end first.


Both Steven from Plainsview Gardens and the Egg Man Mike Alexander have prolific fig trees, (Mike's must be because of all that home grown Rooster Booster!) and March signals harvest time. Fresh figs are almost impossible to get in the supermarkets as they are delicate and spoil very easily but there is a window of opportunity right now to get 6 fat figs for only $4 directly. The perfect fig is fully ripe and is soft and juicy. Here are a few ways to serve:
1) Grilled honey figs Cut in half lengthwise and drizzle with honey – grill and serve warm with goats cheese or snowy mounds of marcepone.
2) Spiral wrap in bacon strips and grill turning until bacon is crisp and serve with crusty bread and tapenade. Or you can stuff with a soft blue cheese and wrap with proscuitto and serve without cooking.
3) Crostini - Chop finely and drizzle over some balsamic vinegar. Toast some slices of Baguette and top with the fig mixture and some rocket leaves.

Jeff Dunstan From Domaine

Master chef Jeff Dunstan was our featured chef in the latest edition of Nourish magazine, he collected produce from the Waikato Farmers Markets and he came up with a gorgeous close-to-home recipe for Macadamia Crusted Honey Glazed Salmon on a Warm Salad of local vegetables with Kale Pesto and Goats Cheese. Once again this divine sounding recipe is published in Nourish Magazine so why not grab a free copy at the market, settle yourself down at one of the tables with a fresh almond croissant, a blueberry juice or a long black and immerse yourself in some delicious foodie reading. Afterwards you can collect all the ingredients you need from the locals and go home to create something truly Waikato’y’.

See you at the markets!