The Boys Are Back In Town!

Likely Lads

The two likely lads above would like to formally welcome you to ‘Pommie Corner’. Jono Walker of Soggy Bottom Holdings grower and maker of the finest free range pork products in these parts is pictured on the left. He hails from Worsop in Yorkshire which accountsfor his quirky accent, his wicked sense of humour andprobably his bald head. Neil MacArthur on the right is from Cornwall which makes sense given that hespecialises in making the only genuine Cornish Pasties in the North Island. In fact he and his wife Mel hand crimp1000s of them every week and they are sold throughfarmers’ markets and more recently at New World. He is bald too presumably because he wants to look like hisneighbour Jono (or is it the other way around?) His sense of humour is so dry that it is withering . (Hopefully neither of them will read this blog because otherwise I am in for a lambasting!)

Special Deal On Eggplants

Eggs Plants are incredible value at the market at the moment. Clif’s Garden’s has them for only $3 for a huge bag. Amanda has put up a great recipe on the FM Facebook page - check it out by selecting the fb button on the right of this screen. - Clif is overrun with Rock Melons right now too and the season is coming to an end so get in there quickly and make the most of Clif’s cool and refreshing melons. Passionfruit and raspberries, grapes and figs are also at the market right now – such delights to the palate.

Te Pateka

Te Pateka is the new name for Blackwoods Bakery. This is Averil who helped young James out last week. TePateka offers ‘$20 for 5 items’ deals which are usually on offer every week. You can choose from a variety of flavoured bagels, pita and pide breads, garlic breads (2 pieces of garlic bread count as 1 towards your 5) pizza bases, wholemeal and sourdough breads and slices, brownies and danishes


Jim the Chestnut Man is driving us all crazy with the aroma of his freshly roasted chestnuts tasters. How can anyone resist a delicious roasted chestnut with a sprinkling of Himalayan mountain salt and a dob of butter?


Local Boy Band - Rhodeworkz entertained us once again with many new songs added to their repertoire. What incredible talent we have in those young lads. It seems to me that the market has an even more celebratory feel to it when these young ones play a variety of instruments as well as singing harmony for 4 hours non stop and no repeats. The photo above shows the audience appreciating the clever lads. Remember everyone, you saw them first at the Farmers’ Markets in Cambridge and Hamilton!

Lots to see, listen to, taste and purchase at the Farmers’ Market. See y’all there