Cambridge Market In Leamington This Saturday

Their Royal Highnesses

Announcing…….. their Royal Highnesses – Tomatoes, Rock Melons, Grapes, Pumpkins, Carrots, Beetroot, Fennel, Kale, Eggplant, Nashi, Apples, Pears,Passionfruit, Capsicums, Potatoes and Garlic. We are honoured with the appearance of these highly esteemed locally produced gastronomic treasures and we invite you for a walkabout at the Cambridge Market to be held at the Leamington Domain this Saturday, to meet and greet (and eventually eat) their Royal personages. And by the way the future King and Queen and heir of the British Monarchy might also be in Cambridge late morning on the 12th April. Sadly they won’t be attendingour market but I bet they wish they could call in for anosey.

Glossy HCBs

Everyone is doing posh royal hot cross buns at the market to mark the occasion that’s in it. Extra gloss on top and extra spicy fruit within.

Seven Different Honeys

In keeping with this week’s royal visit theme (hi George) I have been checking out the Sweetree Honey website and studying the 7 different local honeys produced by this family company headed by Martin and Stephanie Lynch. I royally visited them last Christmas at their magical palace opposite Horsham Down’s Golf Club and saw for myself their home apiary (group of bee hives to you and me). This is where their bees create Horsham Downs Country Honey. A big jar of buttery rawHamilton honey (500grms) will cost you a mere $11. 

Here is an extract from Sweetree Honey’s website : “We call our honey 'raw honey' because it is not heated any higher than would naturally occur in the beehive.  In Sally Fallons book 'Nourishing Traditions' raw honey is defined as 'honey that is not heated over 47 degrees C and is loaded with amylases, enzymes that digest carbohydrates, as well as all the nutrients found in plant pollens'.  The runny honey found in the supermarket can be heated to such a high temperature that all the goodness is cooked out of it. Our honey has not been heated to high temperatures.  It still retains the enzymes, antibacterial qualities and high pollen counts naturally occurring in the honey.  To ensure that your honey does not granulate (become sugary) and it maintains a consistent texture we naturally cream our honey.  During this process the only thing that is added is a honey that has already naturally finely crystallized, this is used like a starter to start the natural creaming process.”

Polo Ponies

Okay this is a good one – “Now available from thecompany that brought you Tail Waggers, Scoobie Snaks, Lambs Fry Chews and Crispy Salmon Skins, Woofa’sDoggone Delights are proud to present ….tah dah… new, all natural Horse Treats!” Megan has just come back from the Horse of the Year show in Hastings and her Horse Treats were a massive drawcard for fussy horseowners and trainers who demand natural, high quality treats for their animals. I’m sure Wills would love to bring a few packets pack to for the Polo Ponies, I must mention it to Megan…

George Sized

A World First everyone and you read about it right here on the Waikato Farmers Market website blog. Clif Fyers has developed a mini watermelon which grows on an upright vine and is about the size of an apple. I asked him how he did it but he said that if he told me, he would have to kill me afterwards, so that knowledge is best left secret!

These tiny water melons would be perfect in a school lunch box and think how the gastronomic community could turn them into a sensation. I can see it now…featured on the cover of Cuisine Magazine. However it is early days so there are only a few available but it could be the start of something big for Cliff – or should that read the start of something small? Perhaps he should name them Baby George Melons after guess who?(**Enough already).

Enjoy the fruits and vegetables of Autumn and while we mightn’t make the Queen’s Honours List, but we might make your Shopping List andwe can still all enjoy food fit for a King. (**Groan….And out comes the hooked walking stick to pull the entertainer, kicking and screaming, off the stage..)