Yes We're Operational On Easter Morning

Always Have Been, Always Will Be!

Yes we are operational on Easter Morning – Always were, always will be – we have official permission as we are classed as an Event. So rock on up for your Easter Buns and get something healthy and local for a nice Easter dinner.

Rather A Quiet Market

What fun! After our rather quiet Cambridge market which had been temporarily relocated to the Leamington Domain last Sunday 12th April, a bit of Royals watching was in order given that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were visiting Cambridge in the Southern Hemisphere. It so happened that the royal convey was due to drive right past our Dick Street house and the above screenshot  was snapped just as the royal couple cruised by. Our usual market corner of the Village Green had been transformed by thousands of eager fans waving union jacks and a huge video screen relaying the rather boring happenings at the town hall.  It was hardly recognizable but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so it was great to see such a turnout. However not all of us were so impressed…….

Meat Market

…and I mean that in the nicest way! Kay at Wholly Cow in Hamilton has an impressive array of juicy meaty cuts.  Even though I am a veggo I used to eat meat and I still get nasally enticed by the smell of frying bacon. Wholly Cow and Lamb meat is raised naturally using organic principles so you can be assured that your meat had a happy life eating the best of chow and enjoying terrific Waikato views. Their Lamb bacon is a new one to me – it is leg of lamb salted and cured the same way as pork bacon would be and then sliced thinly. As for the taste – I am assured it is just as delicious and lower in fat too, but you will have to find that out for yourself. Ask Kay about it next Sunday or call into the Wholly Cow shop in Cambridge any day of the week except Sunday.


Just caught sight of these beauties at Mike Roach’s stall. They must be poached gently before being eaten and they turn a lovely rose colour and taste like a Turkish delight flavoured apple if you can imagine that. Only $1 each – why wouldn’t you? Quince and feijoa crumble would be nice

Lusty's Hot House Grapes

The name doesn’t do justice to these lovely grapes which are only available for about 6 weeks of the year. I talked briefly last week to Andrew Lusty who tells me that it is his wife Julie who does most of the work with the hot house grapes now that they are fully established. His day job is selling multi million dollar stone crushing machines!  Interestingly when asked how many vines he had he explained that as the vines mature and get bigger, the smaller vines are actually taken out so they have ended up with fewer vines yet greater production.  You can see of photo of how these delicious grapes are grown at their stall!

Out Of This World

Artisan Breadmaker Volare’s Kyrsta is a woman with style – her own unique style that is and last week she was sporting what looked like a leopard skin on her head so I had to take a closer look. Someone very artistic must have done this for her and it would have taken quite a while. See? I keep telling you great food and great entertainment at the Farmers’ Market. I can’t wait to see what she will have on offer next week. Don’t forget to buy your Multigrain Bread and San Francisco Sour Dough while you are admiring her latest look!

Mama’s Donuts- This is a new stall at our markets. It is always great to see new people trying out their hand at making stuff. Welcome Mama’s.  

See you at the markets and don’t forget to bring your canvas bags….