Easter Sunday Downpour

Market Deluge

What an Easter Sunday downpour that was! The above photo was snapped by Steph Lynch from Sweetree Honey last Sunday just as the market was deluged by one of the most intense cloud bursts ever experienced. It’s hard to believe from that picture which was taken around 11am on the 20th April, that the first 3 hours were perfectly dry and sunny and the market was thronged with people given that it was the only place other than corner dairies and petrol stations, where you could buyhot cross buns, coffee, meat, fish and fruit and vegetables etc..
During the torrential rain each of the stallholders’gazebos gave shelter to as many people as could fit beneath and in fact commerce continued and new friends were made, so it’s a black cloud indeed that doesn’t have a silver lining.

Scottish Breakfast Fry On Sale At Market

Well by that I mean that the makings of an authentic Scottish Breakfast can be garnered from the likes of Mike Alexander and Trevor Turvey – the Egg Farmers, Jono Walker from Soggy Bottom, Meg Daly from Celtic Cuisine and any of your pick of tomato growers.
These are the ingredients you need per person:
1) Free Range Eggs from Mike or Trevor– 2 eggs per person – fried in bacon fat.
2) Square Sausage – 1 slice of fried Lorne Sausage - acombo of pork and beef sausage meat formed into a loaf shape hence the name ‘ Square Sausage’. Jono’s Soggy Bottom now stocks it much to the delight of many a homesick Scot.
3) Bacon rashers also from Soggy Bottom – 2 per person fried up on the pan. Heat up your Tattie Scones in the hot bacon fat. 
4) Tattie Scones from Celtic Cuisine– 2 per person. A Tattie (Potato) Scone is best soaker uppers of bacon juices, tomato juices and mushroom juices there is. The fried eggs should be placed on the tattie scones prior to serving.
5)Grilled or fried tomato halves – Stephen from Plainsview and Johan – The Tomato Man still has plenty of hot house tomatoes on offer. Place all of the above on a heated plate and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and serve with lashings of hotstrong tea.
Finish up with a final slice of Wheaten /Soda bread (Celtic Cuisine) slathered with thick cut Seville Marmalade from Granny Dunn and you won’t need to eat again for a week!

Honey- Nature's Sweetner

The range of natural honey colours from Lania and Adrian at Country Gold Honey is really quite beautiful - from the palest yellow through to warm gold and finally to the dark toffee coloured manuka. The colour palette shown in this image is only the start of your authentic honey experience – the flavours, like quality wines, differ slightly from year to year and need to be sampled to be appreciated. True honey buffs keep several different pots of honey in their pantry for use whenever the mood takes them – mild multiflora honey for a lazy weekend, feisty native bush honey to start off the working day and powerful manuka honey to ward off coughs and colds. You can read more about Natures Country Gold in our latest newsletter right here

Capsicums and Feijoas

Here are Emily and Talbot , the younger generation from Southern Bell Orchards. They have such a lovely colourful stall and did I mention that they have the best and freshest capsicums in whole wide world? Their lovely Feijoas are also coming in thick and fast right now. Most are destined for export but we are lucky to get a regular supply at the Sunday market in Hamilton.
It’s hard to believe that when Talbot's parents, Frans and Tinneke de Jong arrived in New Zealand from Holland over 20 years ago that they had no experience whatsoever of horticultural work before. Now they are one of leading producers of hot house capsicums andchillies in the country. ‘Learn by doing’ is their catchcryand ‘no mistake is a failure unless you fail to learn from it’. Good advice guys.

Introduce The Kids To The Market These Holidays

During the Easter school holidays bring the kids to the market and introduce them to the people who produce the food they eat. They might even be inspired by some of our young musicians who keep us well entertained. See you there!