Autumn Is Upon Us!

Bountiful, Misty And Colourful

Autumn is a really gorgeous time of year –bountiful, misty, bracing and colourful with the occasional clear blue dome day thrown in just to make one feel good. Autumn at Cambridge Market is particularly delightful as we are situated right underneath the mature deciduous oaks and limes in the corner of Victoria Park. These trees which shield us from the blaze of the summer sun, turn into glorious shades of reds and yellows just for such a short time and then right on cue, drop their leaves allowing us to benefit from whatever pale winter sun which manages filters through.

World Tai Chi Day

It was World Tai Chi day last Saturday 26th April and as happened last year around the same time, Tai Chi groups from all over the Waikato and Bay of Plenty descended on Cambridge to strut their stuff. We saw the various forms the 42, the 108, the sword form, the fan form etc and it was obvious that everyone was thoroughly absorbed and focused on remembering all the complicated moves but watching a large group moving so gracefully in perfect unison is quite a mesmorising sight. During our Saturday Market at Cambridge we often have cricket being played in the background and sometimes we have raucous stag parties going on and maybe we have a royal visit happening, so welcoming a large group of Tai Chi-ers is par for the course really…

Fresh Produce On Offer This Week

We said goodbye to fresh blueberries, Nashis and the very last of the strawberries recently but hello to passionfruit, grapes, avocados, crown pumpkin and butternut pumpkin and rock melon. There are still plenty of tomatoes on offer, capsicums of course, microgreens and carrots, beetroot and turnips and potatoes. We have apples and pears too and favourite fruit of the season - feijoas. I suspect persimmons and tamarillos are around the corner.

Bread & Butter Pickle

I bought myself a jar of Ian Dunn’s famous Bread and Butter Pickle and ate it singlehandedly over the course of 2 days. I had never heard of Bread and Butter Pickle before I came to New Zealand – when I first read the name on a jar in the supermarket,  I imagined slices of white bread and butter stuffed into jars filled with vinegar but no…it is apparently thinly sliced cucumbers or gherkins which are meant to be served on top of white bread and butter.

Fast forward to today and replace the white bread with Volare’s nubbly Multigrain Loaf and on the side have a few slices of garlic venison salami – what a lovely Autumny lunch.

We will have a few stallholders who are not at the markets over the next few weeks as hard working stallholders take the break that everyone else had over Christmas and Easter.

Big Berry owners Riria and Bill are off on their annual caravan rally with the Caravan Club. Very social apparently and Happy Hour at 4.00pm is a highlight.

Cato’s Potatoes will be away from Cambridge market this Saturday May 3rd. 

Gillian from Fruition has taken a long break but we are hoping she will be back with us in Cambridge soon with her great citrus crop and yummy pickles and cordials.

Both Cilantro and Monavale attend the markets on the first and third weekend of the month during the winter.

Fresh Meat, Biscuits And Watercress

Get your meat, fish, eggs, bread, biscuits, lettuce, herbs, watercress, cakes, donuts, waffles, pancakes, fritters, pasties, sausages, croissants, bagels, pizza bases, pita and pide breads, eccles cakes, smoked salmon, goats cheese, salamis, biltong, fruit and veg, winter vegetable and herb seedlings, fresh cut flowers and pickles and jams and a few treats for yourself and granny and the kids and keep your cash circulating in your own community. We all benefit from the Farmers’ Market experience so come on down and see for yourself  - you will be warmly welcomed every Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8 until midday at Cambridge and Hamilton respectively. Hope to see you there!