Everything For Mum

Mothers Day Covered At The Markets

Mothers’ Day is always celebrated in NZ and America on the second Sunday of May which is coming up rapidly this Sunday he 11th May – just in case you haven’t noticed all the TV advertising. But you know, all Mum really wants is to be appreciated by her kids for the brilliant 24/7 job she does and that can be done with a hug and a kiss and a big thank you and that costs nothing at all. However if you really want to treat Mum this year, leave her snoozing in bed on Sunday morning, rush down to the Farmers’ Market and get her a bag of locally roasted organic coffee beans from Essenza, some rashers and sausages and eggs and a loaf of fresh sourdough. Then pick up a gorgeous colourful bouquet from Margaret at the Cardelue Nursery stall for a fraction of the price you would pay at the Supermarket. And finally zip around to Wonderland Cupcakes and buy a selection of beautifully hand decorated cupcakes in a presentation box. Then rush back home and cook up a breakfast in bed she’ll never forget. You can’t go wrong.

Family Bunch At The Markets

But if that sounds too hard, why not arrange for all the family to meet for breakfast at the market this Sunday morning. The market is a nice relaxing spot to go where there is plenty of good coffee and entertainment to be had and lots of delicious breakfast options. Seek out thefilled breakfast baps from Mavis & Co, the French pain au chocolat and croissants from Volare and Te Pateka , a warm freshly baked feta cheese and green onion scones with free butter from Celtic Cuisine. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choice.

Aromatic Feijoas

This is the autumn fruit of the moment. Another name for feijoa is Pineapple Guava which is rather moredescriptive. If you are not lucky enough to have a hedge or a tree in your own garden, you can get the biggest feijoas you have ever seen from Southern Bell Orchards who grow stunning feijoas as well as colourfulcapsicums. Frans and Tinneke de Jong grow a special giant variety which you can scoop right out close to the green outer skin unlike some of the smaller types where the flesh to too bitter close to the skin to do this. Roy of “The Front Gate” also has feijoas and he continues to have passionfruit too. A combination of feijoas and passionfruit make a superb base for a healthy fruit crumble.

Sad News About Root Veges

We are sad to say that for the first time in the 7 years of the market, Southern Fresh with their multicoloured carrots and beetroots will no longer be attending the Sunday market at Hamilton. This is due to family and church commitments and the hard decision was made by Mr and Mrs Terry Ah Tune after careful consideration. They hate to disappoint their loyal customers.  However the good news is that Southern Fresh will continue to be at Cambridge on Saturday mornings and the other growers at the market will start to supply more root vegetables in about 2 or 3 months to fill the gap created in the Sunday market.

See you at the Mothers’ Day special market on the 11thMay!