Cornstarch Lids....Really!

Market Aims Are Two Fold

Incase you've yet to read the last blog where I outlined how stall holders join the markets, I'll give you a quick prĂ©cis about the markets. The aim of the Waikato Farmers' Markets is two fold, to bring you fresh local produce and to support local Waikato producers.

As such from time to time the Market Trustees have to make decisions to uphold those values, and this past month has seen such a decision made.

You may notice this coming weekend that Pataka, the Auckland based bread supplier who have loyally traveled south of the Bombay's each weekend are no longer at the markets.

We have greatly appreciated the dedication and enthusiasm with which the Pataka team have  supported the markets during their time with us however, it is time for us to encourage the growth of Waikato based bread suppliers who are apart of the markets and have expanding enterprises.

Stall Holder Visit

I am off to visit Jono (pictured above very hard at work at the markets) and his team of pie makers tomorrow and while i'm there i'm hoping to find out for you all what makes a Bottom Soggy and report back!

Recipe Of The Week

Next week Monica from Cilantro cheese, is going to share with us a beautifully balanced treat which she found too good to share even with Marco!

See what Monica came up with when she blended her cheese with her neighbour, at the Hamilton Farmers Market's mushrooms.

New At The Markets

Doing Our Bit For The Environment!
You many have noticed that a few months back that we installed compost buckets next to our market rubbish bins, well now were going a step further!

Monavale Blueberries, who are at the markets on the 1&3 weekends of the month, and now Luxe Mobile Espresso, who are at the markets each weekend, both have compostable cups, lids and plates which are made from cornstarch and other such biodegradable materials.

To help us cut down on the landfill the markets created each week, we now have large green compost bins.  We would really appreciate it if you would dispose of the usual compost items like food and liquids along with cups, lids and plates from Monavale and Luxe in these green bins.

Thanks for your help in making the markets a more environmentally aware place to shop and catch up with friends and family.

What's At The Markets This Weekend?

As I'm sure you're well aware our friends at Tempo post a blurb about what's coming up at the markets each weekend, but it occurred to me that perhaps you might not have clicked through to the link before, so here it is- the copy without having to click a thing!

Get Back
To Basics With Fresh Produce
Red desree potatoes, kumara, Ajo-rojo and Printinoir garlic, crunchy celery, silverbeet, radient red radishes, crown pumpkins by the create, dried oyster mushrooms, jucy mandarins, lemon's and limes, long leeks, winter mesculin greens and hot house tomatoes.

Add slices of succlent salmon, a fillet of hoki, a pork sausages or chicken pie, eggs available by 12 dozen, dozen or the tray, parmesan and pesto pullapart, baguette's and brioche.

There you have it- the basis for many a delicious meal.

See our stall holders for locally grown fresh produce this weekend.

Thats All Folks!

See you at the markets and remember if it's 'green' it goes into a green bin!