16 th October

What’s on at the three markets this week:

Friday 12th. October

Hamilton - The most fun you can have in a car park!!

This time of the year is the best time of the year to forget your stodgy winter meals and get fresh with the warmer weather. It’s a great time to take a shine to lighter meals and fresh salads and have a go at making fresh basil pesto. Those fresh aromatic leaves are a great way to put spring in your kitchen. The Lettuce Man is the best man to see about your fresh summer greens, with many different types of crispy lettuce, herbs and of course fresh basil.

Micro greens!!  If you have never tried micro greens, you must try them as not only are they fantastic in a salad (or your sandwich) they are very nutritious as well. Plains View Gardens, the large blue gazebo in the far corner has a great display of micro greens each with their own specific health benefits and each micro green tastes completely different from another. Only the best filtered water is good enough for their micro greens and you can tell by the taste. Of course, they have a good selection of other produce as well.

The birds and the bees!! Not being naughty, but they are all busy this time of the year! After a long winter, the bees are getting busy in our gardens again and it’s great to see them out with the new colours of spring. The different textures and tastes of all the flavors of honey from our local flora and fauna at the market are definitely worth a try. We have two honey stalls at our market, Sweetree Honey and Nature’s Country Gold and both have won prestigious awards. Definitely worth a taste and the tastings are free, come down and give them a try.

If you are looking for a lighter, tastier meal with your salad, we have two stalls that sell the best smoked salmon this side of the South Island. Because the salmon DOES come from the deep South and fished in pristine waters. The Salmon Man and Rakaia Salmon sell salmon that is smoked to absolute perfection and it simply melts in your mouth. You will never find quality as good as this. Salmon is of course great teamed with the fresh asparagus that is now available at our market. Perfection!!

Free Range Eggs!! We all know battery farming is disgusting and cruel. And the eggs are not as healthy, because the hens are not as healthy. We have two Free Range retailers at the market, Eggcellent Eggs and Roto-Rangi Eggs. The hens are free to roam, dust bathe and live a healthy happy life and it is evident in the great range of sizes and eggs we have at the market. Only as nature intended!!

Cambridge - Eating Green in the Town of Trees!!

The Lettuce Man is also available at our Cambridge market, so come down and get your spring greens and crack open a salad or two. His fresh basil has the most amazing smell and if you have never tried making fresh basil pesto, now is the time to give that a go. It’s definitely worth it to have it fresh and home-made. Ian also has a large array of different types of lettuce.

Pasta Mia brings a little bit of Italy to Cambridge. This is artisan fresh pasta and traditional fresh sauces that are made with love from the owners of Pasta Mia, Angelo Tredicucci and his wife, Michelle. Fresh, dry and filled gourmet pasta made to Angelo’s family recipes. Inspired by the wonderful fresh produce we have in N.Z, together with the traditional Italian pasta making techniques. Bellisimo!!

Mel’s Gourmet Preserves hand make over 50 different pickles, chutneys, relishes, jams and sauces, and is always making something different for you to try. My favourite right now is the lemon honey, it’s to die for!! All of their products are 100% pure and natural and their jams have more fruit than your average jam. Marilyn and David have been making these high quality preserves for many years and it is evident in the taste. Come and try some for yourself!!

Also at the market, on the green is all the wonderful regulars…. Bacon, eggs, coffee, plants, flowers, fish, cheese, food to eat and stop a while and much much more….

Te Awamutu - Te Market

As the weather gets increasingly warmer in Te Awamutu, our wonderful twilight market will grow and flourish. We have many fantastic stalls in Te Awamutu including:

The Lettuce Man is there as always, with his long queue of people vying for his fresh leaves of many types of lettuce. As above, of course he has available the fresh basil and other fresh herbs available as well. Get in quick to get the best.

We have the best quality fresh salmon available at the market, which is fished in the pristine waters of the deep South and smoked to mouth watering perfection. You will not buy better than this for salmon. Our salmon is award winning and the highest quality. Not only one salmon stall - but two!! The Salmon Man and Rakaia Salmon. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Fresh tastings available.

Don’t forget your fresh asparagus is now available at the market. This is so great teamed with the salmon and some hollandaise sauce on the side. Imagine also that wonderful asparagus with a great dollop of melted butter on top. Delish!!

All the other wonderful producers are at the market as well, free range pork products, free range eggs, flowers, plants, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, Cornish Pasties, Celtic Cuisine and much much more!!