Hard Working Quarter Acre

Trickling Back

Spring has sprung! And as is fairly typical of this time of year the weather is pretty unpredictable- but on the upside the grass is growing, the tanks are filling up and the seasonal stall-holders are trickling back into the markets.

In case you've been away enjoying the temperate climes of another country or have been dark on news the Hamilton Farmers' Market is on the move- you can download one of our info flyers below and or read the previous blog for more details on how our move came about.

Stall-holder Visit:

Talk about making a quarter acre work!

Jen and Brian from 'Jen's Plants' have lived for the past thirty odd years in an established suburb of Te Awamutu on a quarter acre section. Its not the typical flat set up either, there is steep access to the rear of the section. All the same they have managed to set up four tunnel houses and produce a huge range of beautiful plants including ground covers, potted color vegetable plants and herbs.

Both Jen and Brian have years of horticulture experience, they worked together for a number of years where Jen leant to propergate and grow from tissue culture. Something she would love to do at home, but given the expense of the initial layout for procuring such equipment she's not totally sure that it will eventuate. 
Now days Brian works in horticulture away from home, where he continues to hone his skills- many of which are extremely useful at home- he's very handy with installing tunnel houses and other covers to protect their plants, there are all sorts of items around the garden which have been developed by Brian from something else to fulfil another purpose- it was great to see kiwi ingenuity at work!
Jen works with the assistance of her two sisters and of course Brian, who help to pack up the plants for markets and assist with sales at big markets. Jen has a true talent for turning the tiny little beginnings of plants into beautiful thriving easy to transplant features for the gardens of others. If you've not already, check out her range of stunning potted colour and vegetable plants- do it in time for the big labour weekend vegie garden plant!

New To The Markets:

Sheryl's Plants:
Offering a huge range of shrubs, trees, vegetable plants, potted colour and ground cover, Sheryl, her sister and grandson travel from Whatawhata to the Cambridge market each Saturday.

Salty Knots:
If you've ever travelled to Europe you'll be familiar with Pretzels or Breadzils. Well now you can re-live a bit of your O.E each Sunday with Lance and Marcus' hot Salty Knots.

Jan's Place:
Te Kowhai resident Jan Kangi has joined the Hamilton market with a range of natives she is propagating from her own natives, she also has beautiful potted colour and vegetable plants.

At The Markets This Weekend:

We've welcomed back Avoglade Avos, Macs Snacks, Kane's Strawberries, Green Fern Asparagus, The Big Berry and Roys Avo over the past three weekends and we will welcome back Monavale Blueberries who will be coming weekly as of this weekend.

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Thats All Folks!

Thanks for reading- we hope to see you this weekend. Please feel free to share this blog via the social networking sites you frequent!