3rd November

This week at the markets Friday  2nd. November

Hamilton - The Most Fun You Can Have In A Car Park!!

Fresh fish!! We have a new stall this week, it’s the first time we are selling fresh fish at the market. As well as our two smoked salmon and shellfish stalls, we now have on offer fresh fish. Our Fritter Man Mark is also a keen fisherman and there isn’t much about fish he doesn’t know. This week he will have ceviche (raw marinated fish,) raw marinated mussels and fresh filleted snapper, tarakihi and gurnard. Come down and try the freshest for yourself!!

At Cato’s Potatoes and Garlic, Richard and Judy have new potatoes available this week. Swift is the variety, although the stocks are limited due to the frosts in September, so don’t miss out. Also try their spring garlic, which is garlic that is harvested before it’s fully mature and very versatile as you can use it like a spring onion, the closer you get to the bottom, the stronger the flavour. Their main garlic crop is looking great (see photo below) and on track to start harvesting in December. The variety is Ajo Rojo, which is a hot spicy garlic, keep a look out for that one.
Living Gold Olive Oil will be there this weekend, come and check out their new seasons olive oils. The best way to buy olive oil is locally and fresh. Imported olive oils have been exposed to sunlight in clear bottles, which degrades the oil and have been sitting on a shelf for months and is no longer nutritionally viable. If you want the best and freshest, buy it local and buy it fresh from the Farmers Market.

Lanes End Wines will be at the market. Dr. Rainer Eschenbruch has a long career as a wine scientist and his organic wines have been made with grapes that have been organically grown with no herbicides, fungicides or pesticides which results in a delectable nutritious and healthy wine. Come and sample his wine and talk to him about his latest wines. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Amazing, awesome, agreeable avocadoes. They are aplenty this weekend. Try them on your salad, in your salad, with your salad, with salmon, with feta cheese, in a guacamole, however you like your avocadoes, this creamy delicious delight is also good for your health as it’s a Vitamin E powerhouse and helps to drop your cholesterol levels. Come and get some early before they sell out.

Dig This has tomato plants, Bearded Iris in flower, Grannies Bonnets and fresh stocks of their natural fertiliser. More information and wonderful photos of what they have this week on our facebook  page. www.facebook.com/waikato.farmers.market

Plenty more produce available at the market including delicious food to eat, wonderful coffee to drink and it’s a great place to meet with friends and enjoy the ambience with nice music as well. Available is also asparagus, fruit and vegetables, cheese, chutneys, sauces, preserves, jams and lots lots more…..

Cambridge - Eat Green In The Town Of Trees!!

Cornish Pasties hail from Cambridge, so it’s nice to know you are supporting a good old local. Neil has been making Cornish Pasties for many years since he came to New Zealand from Cornwall and couldn’t find his beloved Cornish Pasties anywhere that were like he had back home, so he decided to make and sell his own. The result is the same crispy pastry on the outside and wonderful hearty fillings in the middle that he enjoyed back home. A good hearty meal for brunch with a coffee to boot.

The aromatic coffee at the market is just wonderful on a Saturday morning for brunch. There is no better place to be than on the green in Cambridge buying your local fresh produce and stopping to enjoy a bite to eat and relaxing with a coffee. Fleur also has hot chocolate, tea and chai.

So much fresh produce is available at the market including free range eggs, free range pork, fruit, vegetables, cheese, flowers, herbs and much more. Come down and see for yourself.

Te Awamutu - Te Market.

Celtic Cuisine has been making authentic celtic delights for many years and Meg recently came back from visiting celtic countries to find that the mass produced food available now in the shops over there don’t compare to her own home baked goodies she sells here from her homeland and many of her customers tell her it reminds them of being home and eating their mothers good home cooking. Such celtic delights as oatcakes, shortbreads in three varieties, bara brith, fruit loaves and so much more. It’s definitely worth a try to visit Meg’s stall.

Cloudy Mountain Cheese has been making award winning artisan cheeses since 2007. They specialise in producing soft to semi soft European style cheeses that are different from the norm and definitely worth a sample. Their cheese is only available in the Waikato area and are a big favourite at the markets. They have a regular stable of 15 cheeses and sell only a select few of these each time at the market. Come and try some for yourself.

There are different varieties of asparagus and different sizes available as well. It is a short asparagus season this year, as there were many frosts this year and it was particularly wet as well with too many floods, so make the most of the short season and grab your asparagus while you can.

Of course, there is much more produce available at Te Awamutu, free range pork, wonderful hand made sausages, free range eggs, salmon, fruit, vegetables, strawberries, plants, real fruit ice cream and so much more….

Visit us on facebook as well: http://www.facebook.com/waikato.farmers.market

Cambridge Farmers Market    - Saturday 8am - 12pm. Victoria Square

Hamilton Farmers Market       - Sunday  8am - 12pm. 204 River Rd.

Te Awamutu Farmers Market -  Thursday 3pm - 6pm Selwyn Park