Te Awamutu Market 8th November

Weekly blog for Te Awamutu
With the warming up of the weather Te Awamutu’s Thursday market is really starting to crank up. We stallholders love it when the wind off Pirongia gives us a break and the sun spreads a general feeling of goodwill.
More and more TA shoppers have discovered that they can do the majority of their shopping at the market – top quality local meat, fish, bread, pickles and jams, fresh lettuce, vegetables, fruit, olive oils, bread and cheese and home baking.
At this time of year the quality of the market’s strawberries is just so wonderful compared to what the supermarkets have on offer. Shiny and tasty, you just know they were picked that morning and have never seen the inside of a chiller. Because of this they last so much longer but of course this is merely conjecture because nobody in their right mind would be able to resist fresh strawberries for longer than a day! We have two strawberry sellers at the market Kanes and Big Berry but you need to come early to get the bargain seconds for only $6. They are seconds only because they have ‘interesting’ shapes not suited for commercial packing but the freshness and taste is exactly the same. I use them to make delicious fresh Strawberry and Apple Tarts – a suggestion from Grant Kane himself.
We are seeing the start of the tomatoes and cucumbers but you will have to have some patience, as the best is yet to come. I just love the crisp sweet tomato taste of seasonal tomatoes – they truly are worth the wait.
Finally as this is the busy time of the year for planting up, Jen’s Plants offer a wide choice for the home gardener at extremely reasonable prices so come along to the Te Awamutu Farmers’ market this Thursday afternoon  8h November from 3 – 6pm and become a regular. It might be the best decision you have made all week.
Meg Daly – Celtic Cuisine