11th & 12th November

Hamilton and Cambridge Farmers Markets  11th. And 12th. November.

Hamilton market - The most fun you can have in a car park!!

If you love them the old fashioned way, with ice-cream and a sprinkle of icing sugar, in a sweet pie or with asparagus, avocado and red vinaigrette (try it, you’ll be surprised) or on the top of a cocktail, anyway you like them, strawberries are in good supply right now at the market. Kane’s Strawberries are now selling them as well as Big Berry, so come to the market this weekend and get the best the Waikato has to offer. Get in quick before they sell out though, they go fast because nothing beats the taste of freshly picked strawberries sold by the grower!!

Nothing is like the smell of fresh basil in your kitchen. Try a fresh basil pesto, so much nicer when it’s made yourself with natural ingredients and easy to make as well. You know summer is just around the corner when basil is starting to show itself slowly, it needs a lot of sun to thrive. Just like us. Come and grab some from The Lettuce Man. Ian also has coriander and many varieties of lettuce. It’s a busy stall, so be quick if you want some basil, he brings a little at a time for now.

Avocadoes are in good supply now at the market, the creamy texture and delicate taste is great when teamed with fresh or smoked salmon - also at the market - and wonderful with salty cheeses like feta. Your guests or friends will be impressed if you have made your own guacamole and nothing is better than the taste of an avocado that has been picked fresh and grown with great care, like you will find at the market. By the end of the morning, they are sold out, so get them quick.

Asparagus has been selling great at the market lately and there are different varieties and sizes to choose from. The late frosts have made it a short season for the asparagus, so make the most of it while it is here, nothing is nicer than freshly steamed asparagus with a dollop of melting butter or hollandaise sauce. Delish!!

Cambridge Market -

The best of the spring produce is in full swing at the Cambridge market and the weather is going to be great for those who are visiting for the first time, or if you are a seasoned visitor, you will not be disappointed by what we have at the market this week including:

Avocadoes - come and get them while the stocks are there.
Asparagus  - It’s a short season this year, so get them while they are available.
Strawberries - We have two strawberry stalls and wonderful juicy varieties.
Fresh Bread - We have gluten free bread and other bread available.
Pasta   - made from genuine Italian recipes and delicious sauces.
Cheese - Artisan, authentic and unique European style cheeses.

And much more available at the market this Saturday, come down and take a look.