Te Awamutu Market 15th November

Te Awamutu Blog 12th Nov 2012
This week at the Te Awamutu market on Thursday afternoon I would suggest that you pay a visit to Wayne at Living Gold Olive Oil. He is so proud of his olive trees and the wonderful extra virgin olive oil that he and his wife Phyllis produce each year. Now he tells me that the last harvest of 2012 was down on previous years because of a combination of circumstances. Firstly during spring bud burst and flowering, the nights were very cold and secondly it rained during the day meaning that the wind pollination required for the olive blossoms just didn’t happen to the same extent. So the upshot is that there is a lot less of the oil available making it all the more precious. This year is looking at whole lot more promising and as we speak, the olive trees are in full November flowering.

Having tried most of the olive flavours that come in the smaller bottles I have just started buying the larger bottles of Frantoio at $35 per bottle purely for medicinal purposes. It is far too good to use in cooking although it is great drizzled over salads. I take a teaspoon everyday because Wayne reckons that it helps tremendously with internal oiling of the joints. He himself, has overcome serious arthritic hips and lower back which used to disturb his sleep at night without drugs. His medicine? -  one teaspoon of his wonderful oil everyday. His doctor was astounded at the results so I am hoping that my gammy knee and lower back will respond similarly! I will keep you posted.
Wayne is a fountain of knowledge about olive oil and will give you a sheet of recommended usages which make for interesting reading. He has at least 5 different oils for you to taste – some are fruity and grassy, some pack a spicy hit and all are presented in the proper dark bottles or tins to prevent oxidation and spoilage. Best of all Wayne is a true local based at Frontier Road, Te Awamutu so get along to the market on Thursday and show your appreciation of a master at work.

Once you have your precious bottle of green gold in your market bag, head for Ian the Lettuce Man. What a legend! Fabulous lettuces, fresh and bursting with flavour and now he has herbs and spring onions and salad mixes too. You get great value for your $4. He is a most generous chap. All his salad greens need is a hint of lemon juice and of course a tiny drizzle of Wayne’s terrific local olive oil. Mmm, a match made in heaven. Locally produced of course and directly to you – no middle man.
I’ll see you next week with more gossip about the small but perfectly formed Te Awamutu market.
See you Thursday afternoon 3 till 6.
Meg Daly
Celtic Cuisine