Markets the 17th & 18th November

Friday blog 16th. November.

What’s on at the Hamilton and Cambridge Farmers Markets 17th. & 18th. November.


The market will not be at the usual place in River Rd this week, due to the Round The Bridges event. It will be held at Rugby Park, which is situated in front of Waikato Stadium on the corner of Mill and Tristram streets. There is plenty of room for all of our stalls there. See you then!!

Beautiful Bountiful Berries!! Juicy and delicious. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, strawberries. All the berries are available at our market this weekend. As well as ice cream made with fresh berries and frozen yoghurt made with organic blueberries. Berrylicious and Berry good for you too!!

If you have never tried baby vegetables, there is a great variety of baby vegetables available at Terry Ah Tune’s stall. They are fully ripe miniature vegetables cultivated for perfection. They are as nutritious as regular- size vegetables and  offer a more tender and delicate taste. As well as the orange carrots, there are baby white carrots which have a mild sweet flavour and are crunchy and crisp. Purple carrots are the original carrots. They are high in vitamins and very sweet. Baby beetroots have a more tender and finer texture than other beetroots. They also have other greens and herbs available.

Courgettes and cucumbers!! Courgettes are tender and easy to cook. Lightly saute them in a stir fry or eat them raw, they are very versatile. Did you know next to tomatoes, cabbage and onions, cucumbers are the fourth most widely cultivated vegetable of the world? They are highly nutritious and a cool refreshing vegetable in your salad or chopped up with natural yoghurt and mint is delicious. Not to mention, the beneficial properties when sliced and put on your puffy eyes is great.  It really works!!


Don’t let the weather put you off this weekend, the berries that are in season now are well worth the trip through the rain. Kane’s Strawberries and Big Berry have delicious strawberries, Monavale provide you with organic blueberries and look for the stall that sells juicy raspberries, boysenberries and  blackberries….. The best berries in town will be at the market, picked freshly for you and perfectly ripe. Grown and picked with great care for the discerning customer.

If you want to warm your belly while you are looking at the wonderful fresh produce, Fleur provides the wonderful coffee or hot chocolate if you prefer and there is a variety of different foods to eat as well. Cornish Pasties is a Cambridge local and sells the genuine article. Meg has delicious Celtic baking - The Bara Brith is to die for with delicious juicy sultanas that have been soaked in tea. There are other stalls as well that provide food to eat on the go.

Much more produce available……cheese, free range eggs, free range bacon and pork, flowers, plants, salmon, herbs, fresh bread, gluten free bread, the freshest of fruit and vegetables anywhere around. Brave the rain and come and take a look. It will be worth it.

Cambridge Farmers Market - Victoria Square - 8am - 12pm.

Hamilton Farmers Market - Rugby Park, corner Mills and Tristram streets, 8am - 12pm.