Te Awamutu Market 22nd November

Te Awamutu Blog Nov 22nd 2012

Our little Thursday afternoon market at Te Awamutu is looking for more customers so if you are in need of fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, olive oil, homebaking for your Friday or Saturday dinner party or family gettogether consider nipping across to Te Awamutu . The market is held on Selwyn Lane beside the I-site and across from the rose garden which by the way is at its peak right now.
The trouble is that locals want to keep the secret to themselves so now we want to spread the word. If you bring a friend to the TA market who has never been before, Celtic Cuisine will offer you and your friend 10% off all purchases that day. How good is that. Just let Meg know and voila – a win win situation.
And while we are talking about expanding have you considered having a little stall at the Te Awamutu market yourself? Go on. I know it has always been your dream to grow and sell or bake, pickle and preserve and sell. If you have the inclination, talk to Craig Noble our site manager (he of the orange baseball cap who sometimes hangs out in the Information Tent) who will let you know what to do to get to the next step in your new potential career.  We are always looking to expand our family of stallholders and we are especially keen if locals apply. After all that is what a farmer’s market is – local producers selling direct to local people.
But if all you want to do is enjoy the fruit of other people’s labours, that’s fine too. Don’t forget we are at Selwyn Lane across the road from the Rose Gardens and we run every Thursday from 2.30ish to 6ish.
See you there!