24th & 25th November

Weekly Blog Update. This weekend 24th. and  25th. November.

Hamilton: 25th. Nov.

It’s going to be a cracker day on Sunday, just the right type of weather to buy fresh pure apple juice from Jack’s Orchard. It’s the real deal unlike the juice you buy in the supermarkets, which has too much sugar and preservatives. This is naturally sweet apple juice and made from their own apples. Jack and Cheryl also have curly kale, cavolo nero kale, radishes, carrots, fennel, brocollini, lettuce, cabbage and rhubarb. Maybe also some runner beans which are soil grown and spray free.

Cato’s Potatoes and Garlic have freshly dug new  Rocket Potatoes, spinach, broccoli and rhubarb and their spring garlic, which is a very versatile garlic that is a young garlic bulb with a more delicate flavour and can be used like a spring onion. For that extra zing in your salad, mix together olive oil, lemon juice and sliced spring garlic. Shake it all up in a jar and drizzle over your salad. Voila!!

Southern Belle Orchards have been back at the market for a couple of weeks now and are humming along nicely. Their sweet point capsicums are a favourite with their regular customers, as are their other varieties of capsicums and chillies.  As the weather gets warmer, their colours will have more variety. Southern Belle also have their own hand made produce, made in their own commercial kitchen. Their range includes: feijoa jam, feijoa chilli marmalata, dried & roasted chilli powder, pickled capsicum and their varied conserves. Take a look on our facebook page for more info:  www.facebook.com/waikato.farmers.market.

If you are looking for hummus that has no long list of un-natural preservatives, additives and other things we can’t pronounce, look no further than Carrie’s Hummus, which is next to Mark It Fresh Fish. Only the best natural ingredients with that amazing home made (not mass-produced) taste and the only preservative is lemon. Made fresh each week and very popular as the taste is amazing!! Come and try some for yourself. The flavors are Original, Garlic, Sun-dried Tomato and Olive. Carolyn has also just started making gluten free panini for those of you who can’t tolerate your average panini.

Monavale Blueberries sell delicious organic blueberries. They also have a great range of blueberry related products including blueberry ice-creams and frozen yoghurt, which no doubt they will be selling plenty of this Sunday because the weather is supposed to be great this weekend. They also sell blueberry juice, salad dressing, blueberry smoothies and many more products. This hot Sunday, come and cool yourself off with a nutritious blueberry treat.

Cambridge:  24th. Nov.

Cato’s Potatoes and Garlic have new rocket potatoes this weekend, also spinach, rocket and rhubarb on offer. They also have their spring garlic, which is a very versatile garlic to use at this time of the year, as you use it like you would a spring onion, only with a mild garlic taste, not onion. It’s great if you are putting it into a salad or for that extra zing, mix olive oil, lemon juice and chopped spring garlic together, shake it up in a jar and drizzle over your salad.

Wholly Cow farm fresh beef and lamb will be at the market. Home reared high quality beef and lamb. Come down and talk to Tom about his quality cuts and put some quality meat away for Xmas, or enjoy that special meal this weekend.

Asparagus of course will be there at the market. Best quality asparagus, just freshly picked and in different sizes. Fantastic taste and wonderful with melted butter or hollandaise sauce, also great with salmon.

There is so much more at the market this weekend, the weather will be a little kinder this weekend, so it’s a great place to be in Cambridge on a Saturday morning. Fresh coffee, plenty to eat. Also plenty to buy: salmon, artisan cheese, free range eggs, free range pork products, beef and lamb, flowers, herbs and seedlings, plants, many varieties of lettuce, celtic baking, Cornish pasties and much much more!!

Cambridge Farmers Market: every Saturday Victoria Square 8am - 12pm.

Hamilton Farmers Market: every Sunday 204 River Rd, 8am - 12pm.

Visit us on facebook:   :  www.facebook.com/waikato.farmers.market