Something fishy at the market

Fishy things will be going on at the Market and Fritterman – aka Mark Crarer – is right behind them.
“Fresh fish will soon be available – marinated fish, raw mussels, gurnard, snapper and hapuka fillets and anything else that’s fresh, maybe even paua.
“It’s all looking good, I’m pretty excited about the new initiative. And I love seafood and cooking it.”
After serving fritters at the Market for the last three years, he believed there was a niche to be filled in the fresh fish department. “We had none, and I felt I could do something about it.
“I’m addicted to fishing. I love it - I’ve been fishing since I could walk, my parents owned a little ramshackle bach at Waihou Bay, and we later moved to Tolaga Bay. I’ve been brought up by the ocean".
Having won national fishing competitions and owned seven boats in the past, Mark reckons he’s well qualified to bring fish to the Market.
In fact, in order to start the Fritterman business he had to sell his boat but that’s not a problem - “That’s okay, I plan to have another one.”
While in the past Mark used to attend events such as the Fieldays and the V8s, nowadays he is concentrating on the markets. “I make sure I’m there every week, and look forward to chatting with the regulars.”
The Fritterman operation will continue. He says he’s just interviewed the right person to help him with this.
The fish will be sold under the brand Mark It Fresh.
It will keep me busy – but I’ll still find time to go fishing.”