Strength to strength for Volare

Volare Handcrafted Sourdough Breads is four years old and looking good. It all started in a Morrinsville garage, which was converted into a bakery six years ago, says co-owner Ryan Simmons.
“As the year went on I took on a few more Markets and started sub-letting a local bakery. Then a school friend, Eddie Hemming, asked if I would be interested in going halves in a business to supply the local area with bread...”
They now run a commercial bakery on Kahikatea Drive, employing 12 people and baking bread seven days a week throughout the year.
“We use 1.5 tonnes of flour each week, but I don’t have a clue how many loaves we bake,” says the fifth generation baker - his family used to run Burmester Bakery in Morrinsville.
“They produced over 100,000 loaves a week, using a traditional yeasted dough. I decided to move with current trends and bake sourdough bread - using wild yeast instead of commercial.”
Ninety per cent of Volare bread is made using sourdough, a natural yeast present in flour that they have kept alive for the last five years. No additives or preservatives are used in any of their products and fermentation is long to produce a good flavour.
“Our biggest seller is Ciabatta, which seems to go with anything and everything - except plain sandwiches. It’s very open with big holes that love to let a filling pass through to the floor. My favourite is the San Francisco Sourdough, a plain white sourdough full of flavour.”
Their newest products are croissants and Pain Au Chocolat - fresh pastries can be bought at their retail shop, but these are soon to be offered at the farmers’ markets.
“The guys who sell you your bread at the markets are the bakers - they’re usually a little sleep deprived but are still very happy to be at the Market selling the bread they and the team have baked.”