TA Market

Te Awamutu Blog 28th Nov 2012

Well, is Christmas around the corner or what? Weather is getting hotter, ads on the TV for pre Christmas sales are driving us all dotty and a sense of panic is setting in .  Did you realize that you can virtually buy everything you need for Christmas Dinner and a few pressies as well at the Te Awamutu Thursday market?
Lets see now..A nice bit of smoked salmon for starters from Rakia Salmon and how about putting that on some Celtic Cuisine handmade Oatcakes? An aside of a few crunchy asparagus spears with a buttery lemon sauce would be nice too.
Now Jono Walker that Pommie Bloke from Soggy Bottom Holdings who does those terrific real sausages, has amazing home smoked hams which he cures and smokes himself specially for the Christmas market and I hear he is hoping to have some organically reared chickens ready for Christmas too. Jono rears his own pigs and chickens so you can be assured that they are top quality and not plumped up with nasty nitrates or water.
For the veggie sides there is no shortage of freshly dug cheap Jersey Bennes from Clif Fyers and Cato’s potatoes have an interesting range of spuds and other veggies too. Veggies and fruit at the TA market are usually freshly harvested that morning You can’t ask for better.
Right so, that is the starter and the main course sorted. How about the dessert? You can’t go past the crazy Scottish Egg Man Mike without noticing his jumbos and monsters (eggs I mean). The whites from a few of those big ‘uns would make an excellent pavlova and of course don’t forget you can get strawbs galore from Kane’s and the Big Berry to go on top.
Celtic Cuisine is also offering a few Christmas delicacies – Fusion Christmas Cake – this is a clever meeting of two hemisphere in a cake. Pawpaw, pineapple, apricots and sultanas soaked in Guinness and whisky and after 3 weeks, this marinated fruit is turned into either a traditional or gluten free Christmas Cake as per your requirements. Mince pies and shortbread are also on offer to make sure that after the main Christmas meal there are still plenty of goodies to eat with the port and Irish Coffees.

In terms of gifts you can pick up a Waikato Farmers Markets voucher from Craig at the info tent if he remembers to bring them. These can be used at any of the Three markets at Te Awamutu, Cambridge or Hamilton. I reckon that Wayne for Living Gold oils can suggest a few really nice Olive Oil based gifts and Mel’s has a wonderful range of speciality preserves beautifully presented. Mels and Jen’s both have plants which always keep the gardener in your life happy.
So there you have it. All sorted for Christmas at the Te Awamutu Farmers’ Market. Quality begins at home. Buy local for Christmas and keep your money in your community. See you Thursday afternoon!