1st and 2nd December

This weekend at the markets 1st. and 2nd. December

Cambridge:  Victoria Square  8am - 12pm Saturday 1st. December:

We’ve been waiting a long time for that first taste of juicy apricots and finally they are here. The first of the stone fruits for summer will be available this weekend in Cambridge. The first variety of apricots that Bland’s  will be selling at the market will be Royal Rosa, which is a medium sized sweet fruit. They have a perfect golden pink colour and much juicier and sweeter than you would buy in a store. Come down and be the first to try the first of the apricots this season.

This weekend at the market, Cato’s will have a good supply of fresh broccoli, just picked as well as freshly dug Heather potatoes, spring onions, spring garlic, garlic scapes and rhubarb, just perfect for delicious rhubarb crumble. They also have some recipes at their stall so you can try different ideas for garlic scapes. Great for making pesto and is sought after by their regular customers who love this delicacy.

If you are looking for delicious Christmas cakes and mince pies, look no further than Celtic Cuisine. Her recipes are to die for and the dried fruit has been soaked in - I can’t tell you, it’s a secret - but if you ask her nicely she will tell you. It’s a recipe that has stood the test of time and enjoyed by many customers over the years, it’s very popular and she has been known to sell out of her Christmas delights and have none left for Hamilton the next day!! Be the lucky one who gets in first this Saturday, you’ll be glad you did!!

Jono at Soggy Bottom will have specialty sausages, which he is happy to make batches of with special requirements by request. You don’t get that service at your local supermarket, nor do you get the quality because he doesn’t use pre-mixes, nitrates or preservatives. His bacon is cured in salt and raw sugar. Their pigs are free range and forage freely in the woodland and pasture. The Christmas Hams are wet cured, dried and then cold smoked with oak. They can be ordered as a half or whole leg. Jono also has Pork Pies and Christmas puddings.

There is much more available at the market, free range eggs, lettuce, herbs, flowers, plants, salmon, coffee, Cornish Pasties and much much more……

Hamilton: 204 River Rd 8am - 12pm  2nd. December:

Apricots!! Beautiful sweet juicy apricots and the first of the season. Alister at Bland’s Apricots has told me his first variety of apricot, which is Royal Rosa is just ripe for the picking and ready to sell at the market. Royal Rosa is a medium sized sweet variety and it’s great that it is just in time for summer and the first of the stone fruits this year. Be the first to try the first of the freshly picked golden fruit this weekend!!

Jono at Soggy Bottom now has his popular Christmas Hams available to buy at the market. They are wet cured, dried and then cold smoked with Oak. They can also be ordered as a half leg or a whole leg. His festively wrapped Christmas puddings look great at his stall alongside his wonderful Pork Pies. Jono also sells specialty sausages and bacon which come from his free range Tamworth and Wessex Saddlebacks, which are heritage British outdoor breeds, slow growing and very tasty meat. They run free range and have access to shelter, shade, wallows and plenty of fresh grass. Happy pigs, quality pork!

This weekend Cato’s has good supplies of broccoli available. Richard and Judy will also have Heather potatoes, spring onions, spring garlic, garlic scapes, spinach and rhubarb. Garlic scapes are a delicacy and sought after by their regular customers, you don’t find them in your average supermarket, but they have a unique taste with a mild garlic flavour and are crunchy. They make a great pesto. Talk to Richard and Judy about other ways to cook with them - you’ll be surprised.

Clif ‘s stall (next to Woofa’s Doggone Delights) will have Jersey Benne Potatoes this weekend at the market. This is a great tasting potato and wonderful to use at this time of the festive season. If you take a look on our facebook page, you will see a great recipe using Jersey Benne. It’s a superb boiling gourmet potato and also nice with a simple herb butter drizzled over the top. Come and see what Clif has to offer this weekend.

Christmas is evident at our market this weekend. Take a look at some of the tables and see the extra Christmas goodies available. Woofa’s Doggone Delights have a Christmas hamper to keep your dog happy. She can also take orders for specific requirements. Meg at Celtic Cuisine has Christmas Cakes and Christmas mince-pies, Jono has his Christmas Hams and Christmas puddings, and there will be much more.

There is so much more available at the market including flowers, plants, free range eggs, micro-greens, wheat grass, salmon, cheese, lettuce, herbs and seedlings, honey, jams, preserves, pickles ………….

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