8th & 9th December

This weekend at the markets:  Saturday  8th. and Sunday 9th. December.

Cambridge:  Saturday 8th. Dec.      Victoria Square 8am - 12pm.

This week at the market, Richard and Judy at Cato’s Potatoes will have early planted mature green garlic - not yet dried - it’s ready to use, or you can hang it up yourself and use it as required. They will also have freshly dug Agria Potatoes, which are a great all round potato, Heather Potatoes, Broccoli, Spring Onions, Rhubarb and Spinach.

Big Berry will have Maori Potatoes ready for selling this weekend. These are a great boiling potato and a favourite of many. They are the first potatoes in N.Z, as the other varieties were introduced later. They were introduced by Capt. James Cook and a French explorer, so have been used as a staple food crop by Maori for over 200 years.

The creamy, smooth avocadoes available at the market are not only a great staple over summer, they are also nutrient dense and contain many health promoting nutrient compounds. They are great when used in a salad, in guacamole, teamed with salmon and feta or simply eaten fresh with a squeeze of lemon juice over the top. Replace bad fats this summer by replacing them with the good fats and do your body a favour. They taste wonderful as well.

There is much more at the market: salmon, cheese, flowers, lettuce, herbs, coffee, Cornish Pasties, Celtic Cuisine, fruit and vegetables freshly picked, berries, apricots, free range eggs, free range pork, Christmas Hams, specialty sausages, meat, and much more. Come down to the green and take a look this Saturday.

Hamilton:  Sunday 9th. Dec.     204 River Rd.   8am - 12pm.

Take a look on our facebook page and you will see a wonderful photo of Celtic Cuisine’s Xmas cakes, muffins and tarts. Meg has so much more on her stall, but she is all set up for Xmas this year and all her hard work is evident. The tops of her Xmas Cakes are bursting with dried fruit and she will make them to order as well. Xmas is definitely at our market now, take a look around the different stalls  and see what they have to offer.

Sweetree Raw Honey have 3 honey gift boxes for sale at their stall this weekend just in time for Christmas. Each honey has it’s own distinct taste depending upon apiary location and time of year.  Hakarimata Honey: beautiful, mild, creamy honey with zesty overtones.  Marakopa Spring Honey:  Like toffee apples and candy, it’s sweetness on a spoon. The sweetness is balanced with herbaceous undertones.  Marakopa Summer Honey:  Delicious rich honey with an intense finish.  All packaged in an attractive box with pine from sustainable South Otago forests.
There will be so much more at our market this weekend. The weather may be a little kinder than the previous day and not a thunderstorm in sight! So come down and check out the new season apricots, the fresh delicious strawberries, organic blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, salmon, fresh fish, authentic Italian cuisine, artisan European cheese, goats and sheep milk cheese, Maori potatoes, Agria potatoes, Jersey Benne potatoes, Heather potatoes, free range eggs, free range pork, bacon, specialty sausages, Christmas Hams, Xmas mince pies and puddings and so much more……