15th & 16th December

At the markets this weekend Saturday 15th. December and Sunday 16th. December.

Cambridge: Saturday 15th. Dec.   Victoria Square    8am - 12pm:

This weekend at the market, Richard and Judy will have Agria and Heather Potatoes. They will also have broccoli, green mature garlic to use straight away or dry yourself, rhubarb, spring onions and spinach. Come and talk to Richard and Judy, they are always friendly and helpful and also have recipes available for you to try some different recipes. This will be the last weekend for garlic scapes.

It will be a great weekend in Cambridge this weekend, perfect time to come down and see what they have in store before Xmas. If you want the best on your Xmas table this year, this is the place to be for local, fresh food. The berries are delicious at this time of the year, strawberries, boysenberries, organic blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries….. Sweet, delicious and grown with care.

The weather will be hot hot hot this weekend, perfect time to come down and try the delicious fresh berry ice creams available at the market. Also frozen blueberry yoghurt and blueberry juice. Apple juice is also available at Jack’s Orchard in small and large bottles. Fresh fruit is all locally grown and just been picked for you. The apricots are in high demand, so get them before the sell out.

As always, much much more to buy at the market including Xmas cakes, Xmas mince pies, Xmas shortbread and everything else yummy at Celtic Cuisine, Xmas Hams, Xmas puddings and specialty sausages at Soggy Bottom, Fresh lettuce and herbs at the yellow van, free range eggs, free range bacon, beautiful flowers, plants, Cornish Pasties and much much more, stop a while, grab a coffee and something to eat and enjoy the ambience that is Cambridge Farmers Market!!

Hamilton:  Sunday 16th. Dec.    204 River Rd.   8am - 12pm:

Cato’s will have Heather and Agria potatoes available this weekend, also broccoli, green mature garlic to use or dry, rhubarb, spring onions and spinach. Heather potatoes have a great taste and good all round potato with excellent cooking qualities, those are the ones with the purple skin and white flesh. Agria potatoes have a full flavour with a yellow-brown skin and yellow flesh. Great for mashing too. Come down and see Richard and Judy, they have all the knowledge on garlic and potatoes and recipes to boot. This is the last week for garlic scapes as well.

If you would like a really special lunch this weekend, come down and see Roberto’s Kitchen. Authentic Italian cuisine from South Italy. The sauces are to die for and the pasta is hand made with love. Roberto has potato gnocchi, hand made to catch all the lovely sauce, a delight to taste. Margherita pizza, made in Italian colours with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil - delicious. Tiramisu, which is a mouth watering Italian dessert - very light and tasty - my favourite for sure. And much more. Grab a bottle of wine at the market, some flowers and Italian cuisine and treat yourself and someone else this weekend.

Carolyn will have gluten free panini this weekend. (next to Roberto’s Kitchen) Just a little bit at first, but it will be filled with all the fresh produce from the market. Also try Carrie’s Hummus at the same stall, which a fantastic gourmet hummus which freezes well, so you can put it away for Xmas, it tastes delicious with flavors like Sun-dried tomato, olive, garlic and original. All natural healthy ingredients, made fresh.

Lanes End Wines will be at the market this weekend. Organic wines cultivated from grapes that are harvested without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. And a great drop as well. Come down and talk to Rainer, who will show you the fantastic Waikato wine as well, which is a collaboration of several Waikato vineyards.

There will be so much more at the market this weekend and the weather will be amazing. Come down and see the Jersey Benne potatoes at Clif’s stall, the fantastic range of preserves and jams, pickles, conserves, lettuce, herbs, plants, seedlings, (even compost) flowers, Cornish Pasties, Celtic Cuisine, free range eggs, free range bacon, specialty sausages, Xmas hams, Xmas cakes, Xmas puddings, Xmas mince pies, honey, cheese, salmon and so much more. One last tip, get in quick for the apricots, they go fast!!

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