5th & 6th January 2013

At the Cambridge and Hamilton Farmers Markets this weekend 5th. and 6th. January:

If you are visiting the Waikato from out of town, here are some great reasons why you should visit our Farmers Markets:

Meet our local farmers and producers and taste the produce harvested from our fertile Waikato environment.

Get out of the halogen light supermarkets and feel the sun on your skin, where you know the produce you buy will actually be real food and not covered in pesticides. You won’t find food that contains substances that claim to be ‘real food.’ You talk to the producer and find out how it was grown or produced.

You support local agriculture and small producers who strive to maintain top quality and you support the environment by cutting down on fossil fuels, the produce has been grown or made locally, not shipped from the other side of the world or driven in large trucks from the other side of the country.

The fruit and vegetables have not been sitting around for a long time, it’s just been picked or dug up and the variety is fantastic. It tastes better because it’s healthier and coming to the market is fun. Stay a while, sit down with a freshly brewed coffee and something delicious to eat, listen to the music and allow yourself to have a tactile and enjoyable experience.

Here are just some of the produce we have available at both of these markets: Free range eggs, free range bacon, specialty sausages, many different varieties of lettuce, fresh herbs, fresh flowers, home-made dog biscuits, apples, plums, apricots, berries, organic blueberries, artisan cheese, goat’s cheese, salmon, local wine, local olive oil, many different varieties of potatoes, capsicums and so much more……..  

There is a great special on the big capsicums this week at Southern Belle Orchards at the Hamilton market, they look like a weird shape but they taste fantastic. $1.50 each and 5 for $7.00. That’s great value and the quality is the best.

Cato’s Potatoes will have lots of great produce on board this week, they are at both markets and they will have green mature garlic for use or drying - variety Printinor. Potatoes:  Agria, Heather & Pink Fir Apple. Also rhubarb, beetroot and broccoli. 

Come down and see for yourself we are at:

Cambridge:    Victoria Square.  Every Saturday   8am - 12pm.

Hamilton:    204 River Rd.   Every Sunday  8am - 12pm.

Visit us on facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/waikato.farmers.market

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