26th & 27th January

Hi all. Meg Daly from Celtic Cuisine here. I have taken over the blog writing temporarily as our wonderful chief blogger Carolyn Cittidini (known as the Panini and Hummus Lady throughout the market) is taking some time out. She has had some bad news recently regarding her 7 year old son who has been diagnosed with a very rare form of childhood cancer and at present she is up at Starship Children’s hospital 24/7 helping him through the plethora of tests and scans and treatment required. I am sure all of you join with the market stallholders in sending prayers and positive thoughts to Luca and Carolyn. If you would like to contribute to the ‘Luca Fund’ please see Craig at the Information Tent. We know there is a long road of treatment ahead and that support will be necessary over the next year or so. All contributions will be sent directly to Carolyn to help out with all the extra costs involved. Thank you in advance.

On a more cheerful note we look forward to a bumper day at the markets in both Cambridge and Hamilton this week  26th and 27th Jan. It really is a wonderful time of year for fresh produce. Clif Fyers insists on letting everyone know that he is doing a terrific deal on Jersey Benne potatoes and at long last his famous watermelons have come to their peak of sweetness....Clif has so many watermelons that he is beginning to look like one – ah no, only joking there Mr Fyers. I know the difference between a watermelon and you – it’s the moustache!!!

Cato’s Potatoes really need to change their name because Potatoes are only one of a myriad of top class veges that they are selling at the moment. Spray Free broccoli, spinach, carrots and baby onions, garlic by the ton and of course a terrific range of unusual gourmet potatoes – all at great prices.

As for the meat lovers amongst you, the wait is over – Wholly Cow fronted by the irrepressible Kay is back and Soggy Bottom in the form of a cheerful Jono Walker finally returns after a 3 week break. Pommie Corner is not complete with Neil from Cornish Pasties and yes he is back too.  Roberto is also back in Hamilton with his array of hand made Vegetarian Italian Cuisine. He has over 20 different delicacies to choose from.

There are so many stalls at the weekend markets now that it is difficult to do justice to them all in one blog. You will simply have to come down yourselves to Cambridge on a Saturday morning and Hamilton on a Sunday morning between 8 and 12 and enjoy the spectacle of incredibly fresh nutritious fruit and vegetables all grown by local people who are selling them directly to you. This is how provision shopping should be. I noticed that the tomatoes I bought from the Tomato Man last much much longer than the ones I used to buy in the supermarket. It is the same for Broccoli and Capsicums. Because you are buying vegetables and fruit less than 12 or 15 hours after they have been harvested you just know they are not going to go limp and horrible after a day like supermarket produce often does.

We have lots and lots of tomatoes at the market at the moment and the first of the fresh apples of the season from the Famous Jack’s Orchard. I wait anxiously for my very first bite of the new season Sunrise apples from Jack and Cheryl because I know it is going to be a delicious burst of eye watering tartness with a crunchy finish. So refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

We will soon be welcoming Linehan’s The Sweetcorn People and Luisa Plums and Passionfruit are a few weeks away. I could go on all evening about the fabulous food available at the Farmers’ Markets. I have just bought some massive bunches of rhubarb from Jack and Cheryl which are destined to become Rhubarb and Ginger Muffins and Rhubarb and Apple Turnovers so check out Celtic Cuisine for a healthy sweet treat after you’ve done your shopping and sit down to a decent coffee and watch the passing entertainment.

Always a good show at the Hamilton and Cambridge Farmer’s Markets and I bet you’ll meet someone you haven’t seen for ages there. Catch up with them over coffee from Fleur or Debs and a buttered Scone from Meg at Celtic Cuisine or a sweet treat from Mavis’s or Blackwood’s or a cupcake or, or, or.......

See you next week!