Waikato Farmers' Markets and the Community

Farmers' Markets are a great platform for producers and consumers to meet and trade directly. People know where their food is coming from, they can ask specific questions and chat about the produce and ways to prepare them. Farmers enjoy selling directly and they find it very rewarding to talk to their customers, hear feedback and stay connected to their needs. However, a farmers' market needs the wider community to be successful, it needs to educate more people about the environmental and health benefits of local, sustainably sourced foods to grow and thrive. We believe that fresh, local food is good for the whole community, so we try to reach out to everybody and make all groups welcome at our markets. We want the markets to be places for people to meet and linger, we offer great value and low cost and organise food donations for families in need.
We also want the markets to be a platform for other not-for-profit organisations and invite them to have a free stall (no sales). KASM (Kiwis against Seabed Mining), Smart Water and other organisations use the market to connect with the community, and local schools perform as part of their fundraising efforts.

Food Donations for Families in Need

Stallholders and customers put their food-raising efforts together last Christmas and raised plenty of fresh, local food for 20 families in need. What a great way to give back to the community and help people to have a healthy Christmas!

"I just want to thanks for the food donation. We delivered to our families yesterday and they were very excited and appreciated it so much. Such a great thing to do at this time of the year especially."
E.W., Waikato Migrant Research Centre