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Get locally produced food delivered

Our stallholders are locals feeding locals and looking forward to delivering direct to you. The most up to date stallholder details are available at

Following is an indicative list of which stallholders may have delivery services available. Please contact them directly with any questions.

Gingerbread Cottage delivery available For gingerbread, cupcakes, cakes (Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate, German Chocolate, White Chocolate Mud Cake, Red Velvet cake, Rainbow cake), cookies, gluten free raspberry friands, macarons, slices, jams, honey and pie.

Mamas donuts delivery available For donuts (original glazed, sugar cinnamon and a large range of seasonal flavours).

Roto-o-rangi eggs delivery available. Email to order For free-range eggs (various sizes).

Basecamp Salamis online ordering available For smoked venison salami - wild game, garlic, pepperoni, red wine cracked pepper, chilli. Smoked venison biersticks - pepperoni, garlic, chorizo. Somked venison salami sausages - garlic, wild game.

Tender Fresh Produce delivery available For potatoes, lettuces, kale, broccoli, pak choy and chillies.

Soggy Bottom Holding Farm delivery available For bacon, mince, pork cuts, hogget cuts, beef cuts, pies, pork sausages, beef sausages, lamb sausages.

Maisies Kitchen delivery available For blueberry cheesecake, caramel peanut crunch slice, chocolate caramel slice, dark chocolate brownie, lemon raspberry slice, lime cheesecake, pb&j slice, peppermint chocolate slice, raspberry dark chocolate brownie, tiramisu slice, walnut brownie. Plant based, vegan and gluten free.

Sweetree Honey online ordering available For honey, bee pollen, edible flower seed mix, and all things honey bee.

Pirongia Mountain Vegetables delivery available For broccoli, cabbage, silverbeet, lettuce, eggs, pumpkin, black garlic, carrots, onions, potatoes.

Mushrooms by the Sea online ordering For oyster mushroom grow kits, oyster mushroom Sea Salt Seasoning, oyster mushroom powder, mushroom cultures and mushroom spawn. Fresh oyster mushrooms available in Raglan from Raglan Herbal Dispensary.

Smokin Weasel Sauce Co online ordering available For chipotle and habanero BBQ hot sauce, ghost pepper hot sauce, jalapeno and garlic hot sauce, jamacian jerk peach and habanero hot sauce, pretty sweet reaper and tommy pepper.

Backyard Jem delivery available For cauliflower, apples, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, coriander, edible flowers, fresh herbs, kale, leeks, lettuce, lemons, limes, microgreens, pak choi, parsley, pea shoots, pumpkin, radishes, salad mix, silverbeet, spinach and sunflower shoots.

Volare Bread delivery available For sourdough loaves (San Fransisco, Pain Au Levain, Fig and Walnut, Olive and Thyme, Baguette, Ciabatta, Gourmet Burger Bun, Small Bap,
Cumin Onion and Tumeric, Wholemeal) and pastries (croissant, almond croissant, chocolate brownie, white chocolate brownie, pain au chocolat, morning bun, choc chip biscuit, white chocolate macadamia, spiced oat and cranberry)

Earth Stewards delivery available For baby greens, carrots, microgreens, kale, spinach, pak choi, cavolo nero, celery, beetroot, broccolini, radish, rainbow chard, parsley,
spring onions, megagreens, cabbage, rocket, leek, dill and mesclun mix.

Monavale Blueberries online ordering available
For blueberry wine, blueberry juice, blueberry chutney, olive oil, blueberry jam, blueberry salad dressing, blueberry sauce, blueberry spread, blueberry powder and frozen blueberries.

Waikato Microgreens delivery available
For sunflower microgreeens, broccoli microgreens, kohlrabi microgreens, rocket microgreens, radish microgreens and kale microgreens.

Vegetill Farms delivery available For avocado, spaghetti squash, radishes, okras, cavalo nero dinosaur kale, curly kale, parsley and broccolini.

Ongare Point Organics online ordering available For hass avocado and mayer lemons.

Hunt and Gather Bee online ordering available For honey, beeswax food wraps, comb honey and mugs.

Chariot of Woodfire delivery available For pain au levain sourdough loaf.

Lilies by Blewden online ordering available For scented lilies and unscented lilies in a large colour range.

TameWolf Raw Petfood online ordering available For raw dog food including beef necks, lamb & sons, salamb, beef brisket, can you veal it, nothing but beef, fish and chicks, beef supreme and wholy chicken. Dog treats including beef liver, lamb liver and beef jerky.

Essenza Coffee Company online ordering available For diavolo coffee, nero coffee, velluto coffee, santos coffee, decaf coffee, organic coffee, diva coffee, west coast deluxe hot chocolate and aeropress coffee makers.

Manuka Brothers Coffee online ordering available For blend coffee, decaf coffee, single origin coffee and special coffee.

Eden Orchards online ordering available For cherry juice, blueberry juice and sparkling cherry juice.

Just Dough online ordering available For cookies & cream cookie dough, chocolate chip cookie dough, fusion cookie dough, celebration cookie dough, caramel coffee cookie dough, triple chocolate chip cookie dough and not so humble crumble.

The Organic Food Shop (TOFS) delivery available For eye fillet steak, scotch fillet steak, sirloin steak, topside roast, blade stead, chuck cubes, prime beef mince, prime lamb mince, rump steak, beef shin, brisket roast, butterflied lamb leg, fore shank, french rack, hind shank, lamb cushion roast, lamb leg roast, lamb rump, lamb shoulder roast, oxtail, whole ribeye roast, whole sirloin, whole tenderloin, beef cheeks, focaccia, apple pie, pizza bases, shoulder
chops, beef patties, brisket patties, meat pies, lamb loin chops, rib chops, neck chops, beef sausages, lamb sausages, boerewors, BBQ meat pack, chicken breasts, fruit sourdough bread, multigrain sourdough bread, rewana bread, white sourdough bread and biltong.

Fruney online ordering available blueberry honey spread, callebaut chocolate, dark chocolate almonds& blueberry bar, dark chocolate cherries & coffee bar, dark
chocolate lime & himalayan salt bar, dark chocolate pine nuts tomatoes & pepper bar, dragee almond coffee, lemon honey spread, milk chocolate hazelnuts bar, milk chocolate oranges bar, organic dark chocolate coffee bar, passionfruit honey spread, raspberry honey spread,ruby chocolate pistachios & raspberries bar, white caramel chocolate pecan & nectarine bar, white chocolate & blueberries bar, white chocolate black sesame blackcurrant bar, white chocolate
macadamia & strawberries bar, white chocolate mango coconut bar, white chocolate matcha plums & dark chocolate bar.

Over The Moon online ordering available  For Black Truffle Brie, OMG Triple Cream Brie, Creamy Blue, The Black Sheep, Red Planet, Galactic Gold Washed Rind, Halloumi, Farmhouse Romano, Just Kidding – Goat’s milk, Goat Camembert, Double Delight Brie,
Goat Blue, Just Ewe, Camembert, Goat Feta, Burgundy Moon – Washed Rind, Apollo – Turmeric Brie, Ricotta, Southern Cross – Buffalo, Sheep, Cow & Goat milk blend, Tomme – Buffalo and Goat milk blend and Buffalo & Cow Blue.

GoodBugs online ordering For sauerkraut, zesta fermented pesto, pickled treat, kimchi and sauerkraut juice.

Gutsy Kombucha online ordering available For lime & elderflower kombucha, blackcurrant & apple kombucha and ginger & turmeric kombucha.


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