Ongare Point Organics


Ongare Point Organics is the home based business of Arthur and Annamarie Dixon.

In 2015 they purchased Pottsbury Farm, now known as Ongare Point Organics, a 4 Ha organic orchard located in the Bay of Plenty. The orchard has a diversity of produce. At last count, they have discovered 32 different fruit and nut tree species.

Ongare Point Organics have full OFNZ certification. They attend famers’ markets, sell to organic retailers and also have some co-op clients, with their produce being enjoyed from Northland to Stewart Island.

If you order directly from Ongare Point Organics, produce is picked directly for your order and shipped without delay to arrive in the best condition possible. You are most likely the second or third person to handle the produce!




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