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Holiday Markets

With Christmas Day and New Year's Day falling on Sundays this year, the Hamilton Farmers' Market will take place on Saturdays on those particular days:

- Saturday, 24th December, 8:00-12:00
- Saturday, 31st December, 8:00-12:00

In order to run our Cambridge Farmers' Market which usually takes place on Saturday morning, we had to move the market to the Fridays of those weeks:

- Friday, 23rd December, 8:00-12:00
- Friday, 30th December, 8:00-12:00

The 23rd and 24th will be our Christmas Markets with produce for your Christmas feasts, creative stalls for your last minute Christmas shopping, and Christmas music. A great way to start the holidays!

Winner of our Recent Market Bag!

Ngaio won a market bag with all the above goodies - congratulations! Just in time for picnic season, the bounty was a welcome surprise for her.
To get your own share of fresh market produce, come to the Hamilton Farmers' Market at Claudelands on Sunday, or check out the Cambridge Farmers' Market on Victoria Square on Saturday.

In the bag, Ngaio found produce from:

  • Basecamp Salami
  • Becky's Cakes
  • Bella Pane
  • Bruntwood Berries
  • Cato's Garlic & Potatoes
  • Celtic Kitchen
  • Clif's Gardens
  • Divine Fruits
  • Essenza Coffee
  • Flett's Seedlings
  • Fowler's Free Range Eggs
  • Greenfern Organic Asparagus
  • Jen's Plants
  • Kane's Strawberries
  • Manuka Brothers Coffee
  • Monavale Organic Blueberries
  • Mels Preserves
  • Ongare Point Organic Orchards
  • Pirongia Harvest
  • Plainsview Gardens
  • Roto-o-rangi Free Range Eggs
  • Sheryl's Plants
  • Southern Fresh
  • Suncakes Gardens
  • Sweetree Honey
  • The Lettuce Man
  • The Muesli Co.
  • The Straw Berry Farm
  • Vegetill Organic Gardens
  • Volare Bakery

  • Included in the market bag was produce that keeps. You can also find the following vendors in Hamilton:
    • Alpha Catering
    • Cornish Pasties
    • Jersey Girls Milk
    • Mavis & Co
    • Raglan Fish
    • Raglan Pie Co.
    • Rakaia Salmon
    • Soggy Bottom Holdings
    • Sweet Avenue
    • The Salmon Man
    Not present/returning to the market are also:
    • Front Gate Gardens
    • Graeme Parke Citruses
    • Hamilton City Gardens Edible Flowers
    • Knight's Whitebait
    • Prinz Mushroom and Raglan Buds Flower Farm
    • Rivendel Tomatoes
    • Southern Belle Capsicums

    The Hamilton Farmers' Market Permanently at Claudelands

    The Hamilton Farmers' Market Is located on Brooklyn Road, Gate 3, Claudelands.
    Open every Sunday morning from 8:00-12:00! Busy on Sundays? No problem: Do your farmers' market shopping on Saturday by visiting our market in Cambridge.

    With our new location at Claudelands we want to attract as many Hamiltonians as possible by offering accessibility and comfort year-round.
    This means customers will be able to:
    - Shop year-round sheltered from the elements in an indoor farmers' market
    - Walk, bike or take the bus to the market
    - Have more products to choose from due to the additional vendors an indoor market attracts
    - Meet neighbours and friends and relax in the indoor or outdoor sitting area listening to local buskers
    - Learn about the farmers' market's involvements in the community and get involved
    - Join Open Farm visits, cooking classes or the Friends of the Farmers' Market volunteering team


    Buying at a farmers' market is the best way to connect with where your food comes from. Talk to farmers and learn more about how your food is produced. Find out about sustainable farming practices that these small producers use and that make them so different from large commercial farms.

    Let us introduce you to a few of our stallholders to give you an idea of who to expect to meet at the farmers' market:

    David Ruan has had his market stall Suncakes Gardens for the last two years at the Hamilton and the Cambridge Farmers' Market. He provides beautiful spray-free vegetables and loves to experiment with seasonal varieties to produce a great selection year-round. David is a truly local farmer, located between Hamilton and Whatawhata, and enjoys being part of the local farmers' market community. He loves meeting people, exchanging ideas and discussing less known produce. He recommends trying the tasty choy sum and the trendy cavolo nero this season!


    We are proud to have local businesses at the market that offer a great variety of natural products, always having your health, the environment and the support of local farmers in mind.

    Alan Alexander founded The Muesli Company 8 years ago in Cambridge and joined both our markets last year. Although he successfully sells his gluten-free mueslis and muesli bars to local health food stores and caf├ęs, coming to the farmers' markets now is an essential part of his business. He thoroughly enjoys the interaction with his customers, is always happy to answer questions and eager to receive feedback or to dive into an enthusiastic conversation around healthy eating and living gluten-free. Alan points out that he also gets a lot of encouragement from the camaraderie between the stallholders who are, like him, proud small business owners in similar situations.All of Alan's products are gluten-free, natural and without artificial additives. His signature products are Macadamia Gold gluten-free muesli and Low Glycemic gluten-free muesli bars. The fruity Raspberry Road muesli is the latest addition.Have a muesli snack right at the market: The popular Muesli and Yoghurt to Go with organic blueberries and organic Greek yoghurt is freshly prepared for you.

    It didn't take Craig Bell from Raglan Pie Co long to establish himself at both our markets: He has only joined the Hamilton and the Cambridge Farmers' Market two months ago, and already he has an enthusiastic patronage for his hand-made artisan pies. To try one of his delicious pies featuring local meats and vegetables, you have to be early: Most Sundays Craig pulls out his "Sorry, Sold Out" sign before 11 am. Apart from the farmers' markets, which Craig loves for the atmosphere and the chance to chat with plenty of people and where he also does his shopping for the week, he is often present in Raglan and has a few stockists in and around Hamilton. He encourages customers to check his active Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/Raglan-Pie-Co-1475459519406714/ for details on where and when to find him. Craig is always experimenting with new pie creations and loves to discuss options. His motto is: "Got a pidea? Let me know and I might make it!"

    Local Produce For Local Shoppers- Support Waikato Businesses

    The Hamilton & Cambridge Farmers' Markets were set up so local growers and food makers could sell direct to local shoppers, enabling small farming to become sustainable and providing a fresh quality choice for consumers.

    When you shop at our farmers' markets you're supporting Waikato businesses and food entrepreneurs, keeping your dollar in local circulation while getting fresher, tastier food.

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