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Sea Of New Faces!

As of yesterday the Hamilton Farmers' Market has been at the Te Rapa Racecourse for two weeks and three markets - and it is going well!

There have been an overwhelming number of new faces at the Te Rapa site, stallholders and organisers alike are thrilled with the response.

"We're delighted to see so many new 'locals' at our new site- it's extremely encouraging for the future of the market" said Market Manager Amanda Ratuki.

Along with the Sunday Market there are now the addition of the Wednesday Twilight Market and the Creative Market. Following such a great response to the Creative Market this will now become a regular feature at the Sunday markets instead of once a month as had been the intention.

"We've such positive feedback from the public and the stallholders themselves regarding the Creative Market that the Market Trust decided to make the Creative stalls available each week. We've had a lot of contact from Creatives who wish to attend the market, it's very exciting" said Ratuki.

Last Wednesday was the first Twilight Market- with 16 stalls in attendance and others who will join once their produce or products are ready, it was a great start and it's believed that it will build momentum.

"The Twilight Market offers the chance for folks to stock up mid-week, many are away for weeks this time of year and can't make the Sunday market. With live music, ready to eat options and a picturesque spot we'd love to see a culture build around the market which offers a 'hump day' excuse to relax and enjoy the company of good friends and great local food" said Ratuki.

The Markets are off to a great start, stallholders and organisers alike are working to offer the public an experience they will remember and want to repeat each week.

Market Blog

Hard Working Quarter Acre

October 2, 2014
Trickling Back
Spring has sprung! And as is fairly typical of this time of year the weather is pretty unpredictable- but on the upside the grass is growing, the tanks are filling up and the seasonal stall-holders are trickling back into the markets. In case you've been away enjoying the temperate climes of another...
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Local Produce For Local Shoppers- Supports Waikato Businesses

The Hamilton & Cambridge Farmers' Markets were set up so local growers and food makers could sell direct to local shoppers, enabling small farming to become sustainable and providing a fresh quality choice for consumers. 

When you shop at our farmers' markets you're supporting Waikato businesses and food entrepreneurs, keeping your dollar in local circulation while getting fresher, tastier food.