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Wild Winter

Brrr! It feels as though Winter has us well and truly in its grip...and yet signs that Spring is just around the corner are everywhere! Trees are in bloom, bulbs are coming through all over Victoria Square in Cambridge, Jonquils are popping up in gardens all over and the weather in the last few weeks has a hint of Spring warmth in it! Although it's probably it little early to throw off those Winter layers just yet, and the Markets are in their lowest occupancy period, we still have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep you going. You can still get Pears, Apples, Kiwifruit and Lemons. There is Kale, crisp Silverbeet, baby Carrots, baby Beetroot, Rocket and lovely winter Lettuces. In Hamilton we have lovely Oyster Mushrooms, Choko (or Chayote) and Mircrogreens. Milk is in plentiful supply, so if you have a bit of a Sunday sleep in you might still be in time to get some! Of course at both markets you can still get all your Weekly Staples, Artisan Breads and baked goods, Meat, Fish, Salmon, Free Range Eggs, Preserves, Award winning Cheese and Honey. Plus fruit trees and potted colour for your garden. You can get a killer coffee and breakfast for the whole family while you shop. See you there!

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Local Produce For Local Shoppers- Supports Waikato Businesses

The Hamilton & Cambridge Farmers' Markets were set up so local growers and food makers could sell direct to local shoppers, enabling small farming to become sustainable and providing a fresh quality choice for consumers.

When you shop at our farmers' markets you're supporting Waikato businesses and food entrepreneurs, keeping your dollar in local circulation while getting fresher, tastier food.

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The Farmers Market Concept

August 6, 2015
Farmers Markets, while having a resurgence in the last 20 years; have in reality been around for as long as there have been farmers and villages! In Medieval times Farmers would bring their wares in to town to hawk. There probably would have been live as well as slaughtered animals, breads, fruits...
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