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Market News

Doing Our Bit For The Environment!

You many have noticed that a few months back that we installed compost buckets next to our market rubbish bins, well now were going a step further!

Monavale Blueberries and Luxe Mobile Espresso both have compostable cups, lids and plates which are made from cornstarch and other such biodegradable materials. To help us cut down on the landfill the markets created each week, we now have large green compost bins. 

We would really appreciate it if you would dispose of the usual compost items like food and liquids along with cups, lids and plates from Monavale and Luxe in these green  bins.

Remembers if it's 'green' it goes into a green bin! Thanks for your help in making the markets a more environmentally aware place to shop and catch up with friends and family.

Local Produce For Local Shoppers- Supports Waikato Businesses

The Hamilton & Cambridge Farmers' Markets were set up so local growers and food makers could sell direct to local shoppers, enabling small farming to become sustainable and providing a fresh quality choice for consumers. 

When you shop at our farmers' markets you're supporting Waikato businesses and food entrepreneurs, keeping your dollar in local circulation while getting fresher, tastier food.

Like To Become A Stall-holder?

The Waikato Farmers' Market welcome new stall-holders. Please click here and you will be directed to our About Us page where you will find the market Application Form and Charter.

The Markets are operated by a trust, who meet on the third Monday of the month, this is when applications are reviewed. Please note that priority is given to Waikato based producers.

If you would like to discuss your application please call the Market manager on 021 685 719.

Market Blog

Cornstarch Lids....Really!

July 9, 2014
Market Aims Are Two Fold
Incase you've yet to read the last blog where I outlined how stall holders join the markets, I'll give you a quick prĂ©cis about the markets. The aim of the Waikato Farmers' Markets is two fold, to bring you fresh local produce and to support local Waikato producers. As such from...
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