Grilled Beans with Stone Fruit

February 23, 2017
Finally summer is here! Let's dust the barbecue and get cooking. This recipe goes well with any grilled meats or sausages, but it also is a great meal on its own. I was lucky to get some apricots from the market for my version. Unfortunately it was a very short apricot seaso...
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This Month's Market Meal

Not so sure what to do with oyster mushrooms? If you are like me and don't like them soggy, try this recipe! The trick it to sear them in a frying pan and then finish them off under the grill. The ingredients listed are for 4 large corn tacos. Please down- or upsize to your...
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This Month's Farmers' Market Dinner

It's asparagus season! This meal tastes of spring and is especially delicious when you oven-roast young asparagus just until browned and still slightly crunchy in the centre. Yum! Ingredients (per person, upscale to your family size): MARKET - 6 asparagus spears - 1 baby...
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Frittata with Avocado Salsa

October 5, 2016

Eating local and in season:

Pick up the following ingredients this month and create a meal entirely sourced at the Farmers' Market! Frittata with Avocado Salsa - Tomatoes - Avocados - Lemon - Baby leek - Spinach - Potatoes - Eggs You have to upscale the amounts according to your family size....
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Farmers Markets, while having a resurgence in the last 20 years; have in reality been around for as long as there have been farmers and villages! In Medieval times Farmers would bring their wares in to town to hawk. There probably would have been live as well as slaughtere...
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Hard Working Quarter Acre

October 2, 2014

Trickling Back

Spring has sprung! And as is fairly typical of this time of year the weather is pretty unpredictable- but on the upside the grass is growing, the tanks are filling up and the seasonal stall-holders are trickling back into the markets. In case you've been away enjoying the te...
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Great Achievements

Did you know that the Hamilton Farmers' Market is the home of not one but two award winning honey stalls?Natures Country Gold are the recipients of a 'Highly Commended from the Kitchen Bench' Award. Farmers' Markets of New Zealand had this to say: "...Natures Country Ho...
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Riding With A Sow

July 24, 2014

We Thoroughly Appreciate Your Custom!

One of the things that makes my job as market manager a real pleasure is meeting those of you who attend the markets regularly. It's also what makes our stall-holders buzz and why they keep getting up in the cold at nearly ungodly hours to make sure that their produce i...
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Market Aims Are Two Fold

Incase you've yet to read the last blog where I outlined how stall holders join the markets, I'll give you a quick prĂ©cis about the markets. The aim of the Waikato Farmers' Markets is two fold, to bring you fresh local produce and to support local Waikato&nbs...
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How Do The Markets Work?

You may have wondered how the Waikato Farmers' Markets work...well here is the abridged version.The markets are run by a trust, made up of stallholders and a couple of non stallholders who offer unique skills or were previously stallholders. The trust has the usual structure...
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